Great Blog from Jeff.  I'm noticing that many of his verbs ending in ING don't have a G anymore.  He is writing with a southern style!!  Funny!!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
So, in a crazy chain of events, I got split up from the trio, and got moved... to Morehead City!! Woot! It's right on the coast, and actually right next to Jacksonville! We live in a wealthier member's attic, which is on a ranch! There are horses and dogs all runnin a muck! First thing I did on the way down there though, was I had a shrimp taco! We stopped at a mexican place coming into the area, and I decided, it's time to start liking/trying seafood a bunch, so I had a nice shrimp taco, and gotta say, it was pretty good! THIS, is the area, where I fear the 30 lbs. will sneak on me.. these people feed you like it's your last meal, every single time! I've learned I need to pace myself if I want to walk out of the house straight!
So also on the way down, I road down with Elder Tyler Winger, who is apparently one of my zone leaders now... for those of you who don't know him, he was on student counsel at Pone peak... pretty crazy!

But yeah we live in a nice decked out attic with a weight bench and everything! Couldn't ask for more! We have a mini fridge and like a boyscout stove kit... I've had straight eggs and crepes the past couple days! You can bet that today for preparation day that I bought like four things of cereal and milk... getting some real food in there! Plus sriacha hot sauce, which I brought from Jacksonville, which goes with me to dinners and on almost all the food I eat!

PS, We couldn't find my helmet, so before preparation where you usually buy a new one, I had to wear a horse riding helmet for like four days biking... that'll get some prospective investigators right there ;) the helmet was like a dome bigger than Cowboy's Stadium...

Also in Jacksonville, when I said my good byes, one of the sisters in the ward, (Sister Kiehl), went for the hand shake, and totally surprise hugged me!! Sooo illegal! I almost called my mission president (nope). But it was good to say goodbyes, and also to meet her husband, who came back from deployment on the same day I left. Great family! Tell them Hi for me from Morehead people who have her number :D

Oh mom, you'll love this... I can't wait for the :B I TOLD YOU SOO!!! But I deserve it.. haha!! So in my new district of missionaries, I'm the only one that can play the piano, so I now play the hymns for district meeting every week!
    "If only my mom would've told me about this or to practice more... or love me enough to at least warn me! Hahaha juuust kidding..."  It's been preached to me, and now I more understand what it means to wish you had played more piano before your mission... I actually played and sang a duet of Silent Night with my new companion in a member's home, so I'm getting back up there with the piano! I get a chance every Monday to practice! PLUS, to many a surprise, my companion and I have decided to sing at all of our member dinners and appointments.. So I sing like everyday for millions of people! So that's all normal hunky dory and what not now. We're probably, it looks like, actually going to sing a duet for church once... we'll see how that goes -_-

Speaking of my companion, his names is Elder MOSES!!! Hooo man! Can you have a better missionary name? I submit that you can not! Especially here in the bible belt! Haha it's awesome! I'm preachin with the prophet! Haha and someone said that he looks like Ken off of Toy Story 3, and... HE DOES!!! Hahaha it's soo funny! Or Fred from Scooby Doo! I'll send pics when I can!! Soo great... ahh. He's a great elder, and I'm a senior companion and follow up training him technically, but once again, it's another example (like Elder Clegg) of just being ready to go! He's got his head screwed on right! Haha also funny story, ironically, a member said he looked like Justin Beiber, and I look like 'Tintin'... that's a new one! Someone also said that I look like David Archuleta, and someone also said that they completely recognize me, and are 90% sure they met me in the prexistance... so I guess now I know what I looked like way back when as well ;) So that was weird, but good to finally meet someone I've never known but that knows me from a place she doesn't know, but knows, that I know. Who knows....

 I found out as we were leaving the ranch one night, that our neighbors are in a band!!! Sounds like worthy investigators to me ;) We have made plans to go contact them ASAP!  Also, on every Monday now, a couple members take us and are teaching us how to play tennis, so that's great! This place is pretty great I gotta say, I've been here less than a week and I love it!

Couple more things, I.... ate..... oysters!!!!!! and..... I liked them!!!!! Crazy huh? Need I say more? It looks like a lugie, but tastes like super salted chicken fat :) so with that being said, who couldn't like them ?  Plus... I saw the east coast in full view! Sounds like I need to get someone a jar of sand ;)

Another crazy thing, we went to a part member family who are personal trainers, one just had a hernia, so he was kind of relaxing, and the other one, the mother, man....she was ripped! She could take me down in the twinkle of an eye! Seriously it was something else!  A funny thing, kind of weird, they had a daughter, blonde long hair, junior in high school, how do I say this... "if someone who was not a missionary were to look at her, they might say, something, good? For me personally, very familiar? Anyway, the main point is, her name was Katie K. ... haha so it was really hard to teach that lesson :D

So also the people that we live with, are way nice. We have lunch with them every Sunday, and they're just down to earth, really great people! They are the Reese family, and they have quite the gathering! They're grandparents with many kids who like to come over with their grand kids, and also people that come for the horses, so it's always a mad house! I'm doin my best to get names down!

Ohhh one more thing! First Sunday in the ward, the young women's president comes up to us, dresses us up in these crazy (in a member's words, gay), wise men outfits, gave us a script, and for third hour, we went into the combined young womens, and read about the wisemen to them, as wise men... pretty intense way to have my first Sunday! It was great, and we had some fun with it.

And.. for now, I think that's all! It's been a super crazy week and everything's changed! And to add on, I'm taking over the area for a day on exchange next week so they're not slowin down one bit! Haha so first off, I want to leave you with a Merry Christmas :D :D and, a quote that someone said in the ward, that was pretty dang funny concerning this week... He said “This is Jesus week, we ain't doin nothin!” hahaha!!   Anyway, I love it! Even if there is no snow! I love you all soo so much and look forward to talking to the family on the phone tomorrow!!! Wooooooot! I hope you all have the best Christmas! Seasons Greetings from the east coast! Stay close to the Lord! Love y'all!!!!!!!!!