Thursday, June 28, 2012



 Sister Jan Braithwaite works at the MTC on Thursdays and she saw Elder Langford today and got to talk with him and get a picture.  She says Jeffrey is doing great and so happy.

  In this picture is Elder Langford with his companion Elder Nash (the one with the glasses in front), and two other Elders who have also been called to serve in the Raleigh, North Carolina Mission. Good looking group of Elders.                                                     

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Email from the MTC!!!


We got our first MTC email from Jeffrey,  (Elder Langford), on Monday (P-Day).  He breaks down each of his first few days in the MTC kind of like a journal.  So uplifting to read about his awesome experiences.  He seems to love the MTC and I've included only some parts of his letter here in his blog, (Prob about half of what he wrote!)  
First day,
 "After literally getting kicked off of the curb, I went into the MTC! Someone grabbed my luggage and took it down to my room, while I hurried and got all the technical stuff done including getting my name tag and ID card! Then I went down stairs to find my room, grabbed my backpack and was off to class! I got some Brief intros of my district while sitting in there, and I met my companion.  Off to a fireside, where a lot of people from different countries were there, to serve as well! Called to Serve was amazing to sing, such a great spirit, and then a great first fireside talking about how obedience to the rules would bring the spirit. (which it definitely has!!) Dinner was good, tried the orange juice... didn't die ;)  Crazy.we then saw some fake investigators as as well that were sooo reall... scary at first, but in a setting with just me and my companion, I really feel comfortable teaching! anyway, great first day, no extra time at all to do anything. and Your brain is on fire and never stops!!!"
Day two
"Had our first discussion with a role play referral.  Our teacher Sister Wedam, (has mom's accent), and I gotta say, the spirit really teaches through you. Without that, I would have no idea what to say and when to say it. Listening and adhering to the spirit is so important in teaching, and you really feel it as God uses you to speak through. Such an incredible feeling.  Met the Branch President.  A very nice guy.   After dinner, we talked about the fundamentals of teaching. They really make sense, and the gospel, once simplified, just makes sooo much sense. It's like, duh. come on. just a light bulb popped up above my head. such a great experience!!! Also read DC 1 :17-18 and really saw how the prophets were inspired to write preach my gospel for us. just incredible. I'm loving every day here!!"
Day three
Getting out of bed gets kinda hard at six, but
 again if you do, you really get blessings all day that really help you stay awake. Haven't fallen asleep in class or study time yet! In class, I  had the idea of starting a little small reference book of versus to carry around for preach my gospel, and that's coming great! can't wait to finish that!! As i've been reading the New Testament, my eyes have been opened, and it makes so much sense. I feel like I'm marking every page so much and just picking up so much more insight from everything. I can testify of the truth of the Holy Ghost, and how it really enlightens your mind and gives you such great insight and power. You really see the power of God and it humbles you so much. Had dinner, and then met with our new mission president! in a small packed room,filled to the brim, super hot, we had such a spriitual experience. We went around and shared our testimony and a scripture we thought about, and I shared Alma 18 : 34. So great. Afterwards he got up, and felt impressed to tell us about how great a success he felt we were going to have in the mission. That was, incredible to take to bed that night. At that point I really felt 100% faith, and 0% fear.
Much more chill of a day, got up, went to sacrament meeting.  We watched Jonny Lingo because we found it.   That's my pop culture for the week. Found more insight in reading, still again, such an amazing feeling! Then to priesthood.  Great talk on how our divine purpose and Christ's purpose, and our missionary purpose, go hand in hand.  Then we were interviewed by our Branch leader individually, which went really well! He said after we finished, 'send us more like you'. that humbled me so much because I know everything I've done out here so far is because of God's love and the help of the spirit, and the service that I've received from so many people in my life. Thank you all again so much! I love you!!!  We saw a recording of elder bednar who actually quoted the cookie monster.... he compared him to the natural man. (look up bednard mtc 2011 christmas address). incredible and he said that this is not for us at all. all we do here, is to better prepare to teach the people, and we need to convert ourselves for life, to bring that same conversion to our investigators.  Then bed and I'm out of time!!! Love you all!!!!!!!  Till next time!!!!!
Elder Langford

Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Letter Home!! Day 2 of MTC!!

Elder Langford seems to love the MTC!  P-Day will be on Monday and a longer more detailed letter is promised! :)
 Elder Langford Writes (and I'll paraphrase),
"I have special permission and 15 min to write to you until P Day.  I want you to know that I'm absolutely Loving it here!! It's so structured and the days are so long, but so amazing.  They go by fast, even though they're long...It makes no sense, but it does!! I feel like I've been here two weeks already!  I feel so excited and more ready to go into the field every hour! Such a strong spirit resides here as well, second only to the temple they've said!  Still seems surreal but it's all part of the fun!.......The food does give you terrible gas, but hey, what can you do!  I'll give more details when I can write longer on P Day (Monday).  Love you all so MUCH!! I want to bear my testimony to all of you of how true the gospel is.   Search, ponder, and pray as you read the scriptures and continue to build your relationship with your Heavenly Father.  He loves you all sooo much!  Thanks again for your letters!  I'll write you ASAP!!   Love You!  Elder Langford"

Elder Langford says Good-Bye and enters the MTC!

Elder Langford is Called and Ready to Serve!

Packed and ready to leave home!

MTC Here I Go!!
1 Elder and 5 Sisters!  (Is that allowed?)
Love my missionary son tons!!!
Proud Dad and Mom!
Proud Father!
Aunt Wendy & the Girlies!
Adios Elder!!  We'll miss you!!

Pictures with the family at the Provo temple before saying final good-byes at the MTC.
MTC Address:
Elder Jeffrey Langford
MTC Mailbox #157
NC-RAL 0709
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT  84604