Hey everyone,
Allright!!! The blog for today!  We had a new missionary come in from Sacramento,  California, who’s missionary spirit has made a big difference on our tri-companionship.  We took him to a lesson of a less-active member of about 14 years, and his prayer made him tear up.  He later told us that he has only cried with four other people in his life… It was a very touching experience… There’s such a lesson to be learned how when you come out of the MTC, your love for the people, your desire to change their lives, is more powerful than any amount of experience or knowledge.  The spirit touches hearts, and gives that chance for them to start their own change, with the truth they’ve received.  It’s incredible how much we can learn from these new missionaries coming out!

We had a great lesson with a man named Mr. A out in Spring Lake, who’s been out and about here and there and hard to get a hold of… We just asked him, “What are your thoughts on preparing for baptism?” which enfolded into a great conversation about how we all have a mountain of tribulation and trial to go through and get over.  Only through trusting the one who’s been to the top and back, who sees the green valley on the other side, who can successfully overcome all of our trials.  He really took it to heart, and the spirit was strong .

We’ve also been teaching another man who’s been great from the beginning!  We had a lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ, and towards the end, we had a good talk on the hope that he feels, and what drives him to learn more, and take part in this gospel.  We’re able to identify it as the Holy Ghost, , and are making steps towards helping him be baptized on August 10!  He’s already given out a Book of Mormon and wants to have his friend over for a barbecue with the missionaries! That should be good! We’ve also got these fired up new senior missionaries in our area named the Reinharts, , who have been so good to us in just the last couple weeks. In the twinkling of an eye, they’ve come to our aid, and have taught a couple great lessons with us already!

We had a pretty neat experience with a less active member.  We went and talked to him ,and as we did, we decided hey, we have some investigators near by, let’s bring him along to go teach them!   So we convinced him, and sure enough, he bore his testimony ,and expressed his concern for smoking,  just like the investigator, and we were able to see the spirit strengthen and edify all of us from that great miracle!!  Ahh wish I had more time but I have to be going. The assistants are coming down tomorrow morning with my new companion, another new missionary , and I’m moving back into Fayetteville with him!!!  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to learn and grow with this new companion! 
I love y’alll!! Take care!!
Love,  Elder Langford