Hey everyone! It's Elder Langford!!
Good week!
We  had a great opportunity to mow someone's lawn this week! They really needed it! It was on a ledge and it was some hard work, but definitely worth the work put into it!  

Also, when we were teaching a less active member, by just showing him a video about finding faith in Christ, His roomate walked in and watched it with us. He asked a little after the video about somethings pertaining towards the difference between our beliefs, and the beliefs of the Baptist  church. He was pretty curious, and wanted to learn more. HE's a great guy, who just needs a little bit more of the Book of Mormon in his life. :)
We were also able to stop by a PI (potential investigator), named Crystal!  She's  a great lady who lives with a couple of her kids and  whose husband is out and about and works as a contractor. We had a great lesson with her, and talked about how the restoration could bless her family. It was great!  We can't wait to go back and teach her some more! 
We were out with a great member who has a nice beard, and a bald head. We were talking to someone else a couple days ago that was completely terrified of lighting because he was bald, and thought he'd make a great conduit for the bolt. That was pretty funny.
We are running in the mornings now.   We're really trying to get out there, and hitting the road every other day. It's been good! Just trying to do my best to get out there and stay fit!
We also taught this person named Remi who at first opened the door, being really tired, but still let us in! We had a brief talk about how she felt a bit lonely being out here from Nigeria w/out much family, and how the Lord had plans to help her out. The member that went with us was actually from Jordan, and he was able to relate w/her, and describe how the church has blessed his life in the things he's done. She wasn't able to come to church, but she really wants to learn more, and wants to get back in her relationship with her savior Jesus Christ :)
Haha! Funny story. I also went to go talk to this lady in a parking lot, and as soon as I approached her she said, "'NEVER APPROACH A WOMEN ALONE IN A PARKING LOT!"   I learned my lesson!!
Sunday was also an interesting day! We sat down for a Gospel  Principle's class waiting for the teacher to come in.  Then I recognized his voice from somewhere... it sounded familiar. I looked at him and it was Elder Vanpelt from the Best Two Years!  (Bro.  Hopkins), with a beard!  We had a great lesson on repentance, and I got his autograph. (Had to ask)!  He wrote my name, said 'flip' and handed it back to me. 
Good, good times.
Lastly, I just want to let everyone know that you should always stay close to your Savior!  As you continually learn of him, he'll come nearer to you, he'll draw nearer unto you.  As we learn how to do things, we gain excitement from that learning, and it gives us the energy, and ambition to go, and try them again. The gospel is a treasure of knowledge that as we study, we can continually gain more insight and deeper understanding on who we are, and who we can and are becoming. It helps 'shed the scales of darkness' and brings us in a brighter perspective of life!  I love you all! I hope you have a great day/week  and always value every good moment and every good feeling you have! They are all from Christ!
Elder Langford

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