Monday, December 30, 2013

"22 Pancakes, New Lyrics to a Christmas Fav, and Let the Lord help make your New Year's Resolutions."

The blog!!
This was one of the best Christmas times I've had! We had the chance to eat. Ebel skeevers...& mini pancakes... with some homemade jam.  22 of those later, we felt pretty great and full!

We even went caroling... (We made up a song to the tune of, "Oh Come All Ye Faithful!""")

I don't have too much time, but I do want to share a priceless lesson that explains the spirit very simply.   Doing the lord's will is so easy.   We all know what the right thing to do is in our hearts.   We all know the struggle that keeps us from feeling the pure love of Christ, and I hope that as you read over this story, your heart will be touched.   Especially with this season, that you'll be able to let your burdens go, and let the Savior rebuild you! 
We stopped by a less active member that we'd previously visited, and he invited his two little children of about 6 and 8 to join us. Before we prayed, we asked them if they'd ever listened with their heart before. They said sometimes, and that they'd listen to what it told them as we shared our message. After we prayed and followed up with their father's reading, he said that he'd not had the time to read throughout the week. We went on to help his two kids read the Book of Mormon. They read Alma 37:6 "by small and simple things, great things come to pass.”  Right after she read it, we said, "Great Job!" and gave her a high five, and then asked, “Now, how did that high five make you feel?”  She said that it made her feel really happy inside. We went on to talk to these great kids about how we can do small things every day to help people be happy.  A time that they had run five miles all by themselves, was just one step at a time. We asked them, "What do you think would happen, if you read one verse from the Book of Mormon everyday?  Just one verse?" The little girl’s face scrunched up a bit and she took some time to think about it, and said, "We'd be a happy family, and we'd come closer to Jesus.”   We asked her how her heart felt, and she said that is was, "all warm inside, and that it made her feel very happy.”  She leaned onto her dad and had such a sincere smile of peace on her face. We asked her what her heart was telling her to do, and she said, "We need to read the Book of Mormon every day and pray, so we can become more like our Savior". She promised that she would read to her brother every night, until he could read to her as well. Their father offered the closing prayer, with gratitude and tears, thanking the Lord for his family. We are so grateful for the spirit, and it's simple power, to testify to hearts of the Love of Jesus Christ.
It's so simple.   One day at a time.   If you've got a friend, who gave all for you, and all he asks is to feel his superior love and empathy and to do your best, would you do it? It gets easier and easier one scripture at a time.  Nothing can stop you except yourself, from feeling his love in your heart. Let him make your new years resolutions!  I Love you all so much!!! Have a great new year!! I'll probably be seeing you sometime in it!
Love,  Elder Langford

Monday, December 23, 2013

"Beward of Fans!" "Singing and Playing Piano at Church." & "Smiling because the Gospel is True."

Merrrrry Christmas!!!! 
Just to start things off, I want you all to know, that you should always be aware of your surroundings, especially when you're hanging up things on your wall... and there's a fan looking to hit you in the ear... I nailed it, hard enough that the whole fan stopped it's full rotation... We were in the middle of a phone call to the sister missionaries, and we were talking to them about a study on positivity. PERFECT TIMING!!!  I got to testify towards the fact that I have TWO EARS!!  so one didn't hurt as bad!!

I'm so sorry to everyone... I spent way to much time on emailing Christmas notes to people, and now, I'm out of time....  I'll be saying some of the points of this week in next week's letter as well...
Highlights of the Week:
We've seen miracles!
We've had the most humble of investigators!!
We've seen missionaries change their lives!!!
We've seen people feel the spirit, with a desire to change their lives!!!
We've been on exchanges with the assistants!!
Our bikes have been plastic wrapped by one of my sons (Missionaries)!
I LOVE it when missionaries come up to my companion and me, asking, "Why are you so happy all the time?"  and we get to say with smiles ear to ear, "BECAUSE THE GOSPEL'S TRUE!!!"

Ahh... ok... few more things...
We sang "O Holy Night"  in sacrament meeting and...
I played "Angels We Have Heard on High" in sacrament meeting, (CRAZY!!)
... but the most touching thing, was when the President pulled out his guitar, and played,
"Silent Night!"........ Wow.... I still feel the chills from that incredible performance! 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!  NEVER stop reading the Book of Mormon and you'll be able to see how many times your name is meant to be in that book!!

Love, Elder Langford

Monday, December 16, 2013

"Insane or in vane??, Get the roots, not just the leaves, Questions Answered, and BOGOTUS????"


Haha, Ohhh worst case scenario of procrastinating the time I have of writing this blog again! We have so many great stories to tell, so here goes!

Funny story, The Bishop's son said that he learned in church, to never take the Lord's name insane... Hahaha true doctrine. We need to take the Lord seriously! He's not crazy!

Also funny.  You've gotta love the south. When someone has approximately five seconds at a door when you're contacting them before they shut it, they choose to take that time to lift their shirt, rub their belly, and then say no thanks. Gotta love it.

We also had a great conference call this week with all of the district leaders! We've got four districts, and about 34 missionaries we serve, so we had a great talk on how it's best to serve them individually and helping them now with the problems they might struggle with forever. As missionary leaders, we have a really special calling to minister, and the Lord has given us a chance to not simply pluck the leaves off of the weeds of these missionary's problems and struggles in life, but has given us the power, to pull them up from the roots!
We talked a lot about how we can choose to help people for a day, or for a lifetime, and how it's interesting that the smallest acts of kindness, and a loving heart to simply ask, 'What can I do for you? (as Ammon of the Book of Mormon did),  the smallest things, take away the biggest problems!  The concept of faith in Christ is so simple and is sometimes hard to understand but makes so much sense!!  It's all about just doing it, and serving to take out the roots, not simply to chop the insignificant imperfections we all have down for them to grow back in a couple days!  Anyway, get to the core! It's not as hard as you think to change someone's life, all you have to do is want it, and God does the rest!!  So go for the roots ;)

We've also been meeting with the most humble man we've met named Mr. B.  He's so prepared! This man is 50-60, has no job, (searching hard!), and simply asked us one night, if he could have some candles to light his home.  He also called us saying that he might not be able to come to church if it rains because he wouldn't have sufficient means to walk and stay dry, (of course we got a ride for him!) He says that lately he's been having a problem with losing his memory, but it's been miraculous how the simple things that he's learned, have truly been by the spirit and no other way. The concepts he is grasping are so essential to his conversion... It's almost like his memory's so bad right now, that he's having to pull back to some pre-mortal info to catch up. He's doing great, and will be baptized in less than a month!

We also had a lesson in the Stake President's home with their neighbors, who are doing absolutely great! We had a church tour with them.  We invited them before they began, to ask any question they wanted, to write them down, and gave them the promise that their questions would be answered. As we ended, one of them prayed, thanking the Lord for the questions that were answered, and the spirit that was felt... 

Ahh time's up, but really quick, we ran into this man, who was a Baptist... Haha!  He came up with a new word, and kept screaming it at us BOGOTUS!!! He asked my companion what bogus means? He told him and then he screamed back in his face, "BOGOTUS!!  MEANS IT NEVER EXISTED!"  We followed this delightfully lost soul for a couple blocks and he asked us to get in his car.  We prayed, the Spirit said NO, and we gave him a Book of Mormon.   He smiled, walked away, stopped, and said, thanks...... for NOTHING!!  Haha, I love people!   Maybe one day he'll read a page or two, he'll change his perspective, and we'll be there to teach him when he's ready!

Well, I love you! all!!! Really a lot!! Keep on giving like the little stream!
Love, Elder Langford

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Devotional, Let the Spirt do the Talking, and.....The Missionary work will never end!!!!


First off.... whoever didn't watch the Christmas devotional last night, I would invite you to REPENT!!  :D :D :D  That's one of the happiest words we have as a missionary.   I know if you watch it, your perspective on how cute little primary kids are when they're all singing together to Elder Nelson, will be magnified, and you'll be forever grateful for the particle of faith shown to go watch that delightful video!  :) It'll change your life.

Wow so many more things have happened this week... I LOVE being a zone leader... We had our first zone leader training meeting, and it was one of the best moments I've had on my mission so far.  Seeing these 32 missionaries, under our ministry and responsibility, was truly touching as we sang, "Dear To the Heart of the Shepherd." I truly felt my Savior's love for them.  We taught a good 20 minutes on just the simplicity of what we teach. Faith and repentance!  It relates to everything we doo! Oh whoops I did a typo... doo... I better show some faith now that I've realized my imperfections, and show forth a desire to improve so that my perspective can change! 'do'. There. Now I can feel more confident at typing, and I'll be able to have a more firm faith in the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and how I can tackle bigger words, like SUCCESSFUL, because that's how the zone conference went!

As we finished the meeting, we gave some concluding thoughts... I have never felt as much as a conduit of the spirit.  They truly were not my words, and they just kept on coming out!  It's incredible what the mixture of the 3 wanna be missionary words do when they get mixed together.  When you LOVE those you serve, you do your BEST. When you're doing your BEST out of LOVE, the SPIRIT takes over. It's a great feeling, when you have a surety of knowledge, that everything you say, is exactly what Christ would have you say... I've been so humbled this week, and I'm incredibly grateful for the many chances that I've had to change my life! Ahh time's a going quickly, but something else great happened,   We had a FANTASTIC lesson with three new investigators at the Stake President's house.  Ahh I just love how the spirit takes over! (Then right after, it gives you a slap in the face of how much better you can become).  Needless to say, I'm slapping myself back into shape this week! We also got called to give talks on Friday night for Sunday in the YSA Ward.  I don't know how to explain it, but literally again, fifteen minutes flew by on the pulpit! The spirit is the best teacher, and the more I simply get out of the way of it's teachings, the more effective of a missionary I've become. It's always been there, it just needs more and more attention!   Miracles are happening!  We're having a blast, working out hard, and praying that it snows!!

I LOVE being a missionary! The great thing is, it never has to end!  Just the name tag part. ...and the suits. ...and the shoes.  ...and the North Carolina barbecue! 
That's about it though. I love y'all so much!!  I'll talk to some of you soon on Christmas!

Love, Elder Langford

Monday, December 2, 2013

"Polite Rolls on Thanksgiving, I'm melting, I'm melting.... & A changed Heart."

Haha, well, I'm terrible... I didn't save too much time for this, but I'll hurry and get as much as I can out! 
Had a great week and a great Thanksgiving! We ate at the Walker's home, and had a wonderful meal!  I ate, (Politely) about 8 roles, and even had some pie.... Oh how the mission changes us... Then we planned for the zone, and basically did that... That was about all of our Thanksgiving Day. Wouldn't have it any other way!!
We had a fantastic week! I'll tell you about some of the miracles/stories.  

GREAT STORY: We contacted a man who came out in a towel, had a decent conversation. We handed him a card, and he said, "Ha,oh no thanks, I'm a witch..." Hahaha oh man... Probably shouldn't shower, he may melt... Funny part was my companion and I, were both not surprised, because it was the second witch we'd both seen. Praise the south.

GREATER STORY: , I had the great opportunity to bear my testimony on Sunday.  Someone from Mebane came all the way down to say goodbye... He was an investigator, and he said, that the influence that I specifically had on him, has changed his life, and has led him to seriously consider being a member of this church. He drove 3-4 hours, just to see me... I felt so honored...  A man later in priesthood informed me that he had worked with this man for many years on a shuttle.  He said that he was a hard man to crack.... I know that it was all the spirit. It was nothing I've done! I know that the Lord puts us in places with specific people, because he loves all his children. Only a loving Father in Heaven knows how to use all of the tools perfectly; to uplift, strengthen, and bless all of his children at the same time.   Like a successful parent once said, "Killing one bird with two stones." ;) (Personal family joke)! 
Sorry time is short. This was a great week.  We've given many a blessing, and we are seeing miracles!!!
I love all y'all!! 
Love, Elder Langford  :)