Sunday, July 29, 2012


***Jeff's First Full Week in his New Home As 
Written in his own Words!!****

"Anyway, this week went great!! Again don't have a lot of time to talk about it, but basically Tuesday we had a long zone conference with the mission pres and the assistants, and they fed us this amazing pork barbecue for lunch! I'm quite addicted to spicy foods and can never seem to get enough hot sauce now btw. I'm going to come back with a black and burnt out tongue! We've been teaching a lady (who we taught tues.) who';s just a miracle! From a random guy who really wasn't interested, gave us a random referral to her, and it turns out she hasn't been to church in fifteen years due to some stuff that came up with people in the church, and is looking to hear the lessons and come back! It's been such a blessing to teach her and see her willingness to do all she can to feel comfortable coming back to church and leetting the atonement work in her life with those things holding her back! Awesome! Also still getting situps in everynight! The food we get is really good and fatening, so gotta do someithing to hold it back! haha
The next day, we ran, worked out, and went to go teach someone named Tron. He wasn't there, so we did some tracting on the way home on our bikes, (averageing about 20 miles a day biking... haha) and had some lunch! Cereal again. then we visited this family that we set up an appointment with cause we just stopped by their house, and they've been inactive for years, and just haven't come to church. We talked to them and found out the one of them has a form of PTSD, and just gets anxiety from anyone ever calling on him or something, and wouldn't come unless his wife came back in the day. We talked about the importannce of the sacrament, and asked if they'd be able to come this week, they checked, and said this is the first time she's had this many Sundays (8) in a row that she had off!!! Miracles really happen!! Then we went to teach a recent convert, and got some frybread! They're actually navajo, so they say it's what 'skones' are supposed to taste like. They were so much better than scones! good stuff!
We did our weekly planning, which takes a while... ha then we went on a split, and I ended up in Wilmington for the day with someoen else! It was cool to se a new area, and the missionary (Elder Billin) was a great guy! we ran the next morning for four miles, and then went to some appointments, and then, I went back to my area! that was a great opportunity to see the work being done there as well at such a high level!
I wish I had time to say more! Basically we've seen a lot more miracles in these last few days, and have three people getting ready for baptism!! I love this work, and can see myself progressing exponentially!!! There's so much to learn and study, and I'm really trying my best to stay on top of it, and never feel discouraged! Faith over fear!!! ah I gotta write my letter to the president, love you all!!! Until next week!! I wish I had more time to tell more!!!!  Love, Elder Langford

Jeffrey's First Letter Home From North Carolina!!!

***Jeff's Letter Included what he did in his first few days after arriving in North Carolina.  He sounds so excited and happy to be there.  He was blessed to get an awesome companion/trainer.

"So I'll just start at leaving the MTC! We got up at like three thirty, got all packed and ready to go, and headed to the airport! We were in a little shuttle bus and the driver was awesome. about a half hour into it, we were all screaming hymns, disney songs, ect (remember it's four ni the morning). We got there, callled my family! It was so great to hear from them but it was kinda early though... and i got to talk to Katie over double speaker phone, which was pretty awesome considering the fact that from the phone I was on I was literally staring at her house through the airport window... haha so close and yet so far!!! Then we got on the plane, and I basically slept the whole time till we got to Detroit! As we got there, it felt so good to get some real food from Wendy's!! ohhhh double stacks... how they will forever call to me... so we got on the plane, and it was small so we only had one stewerdess, and we were all sat in the back. as she came back, she asked what we were doing, we kind of explained what was giong on, and at the end of the flight she made an anouncement about how great the thing we were doing was to the plane, and that all kids our age should be doing something like this in such a mature style of doing it! awesome!
The mission president and his wife, and the assistants picked us up, and took us to the mission home! I was already sweating!! Good gosh it's so humid down here!!!! so hot!!!!! hahaha like I literally feel like i'm just shedding water layers everyday! like if you squezed me, you'd get drenched... haha good stuff ;) So we got to the mission home, ate, and were interviewed by the president! He told me to describe the missionary my mother thought I was... haha that was hard! but I told him, basically what she tells me, and he said that he could already tell that I was ready to go and a great missionary, so that was kinda cool! then we went to sleep!
Today we got back and met my new companion, and he's awesome! Elder Fowkes! Hard working from Nephi Utah, wrestled, and was soo happy to hear that I wanted to run and work out every day! Like literally when we go biking, i'm on like the highest gear, peddling as fast as I can, and he's stil ahead... it's a trial by fire but I love it! i'm getting souped up to bike for the next two years! My behind has become quite beautiful, (best two years quote). but yeah very dedicated, obedient, zone leader, who doens't waste anytime, and works as hard as he can!!  He's also said that I'm like ten months ahead of most missionaries, so that's really comforting to hear! haha like I'm really just trying my best to be outgoing and talk to everyone that I see, and bear testimony that it's true! It's a really change in lifestyle, like the mornings getting up at six are hard everyday to get goin, but I'm getting used to it, and more and more I see how I can do this for the next two years! I really feel like I'm doing my very best out here, and trying to stay as obedient as possible, and as i've been doing that, i've definitely felt the aid of the spirit with everything. it's always there to help me, tells me what to say, gives me strength when I need it, and truly is a comforter to me when I need it most! I love it here, even though it's humid and everybike ride is crazy hot (especially the one on suday in our suits :/ haha but everyone expects you to be hot and sweaty, and everyone usually is, so it's ok! just noone's ever as hot and sweaty as i am... haha which is fine!! I'm actually still losing more than gaining weight, and I'm gonna try to keep that up!!
Everyone here is huge. Like either an active marine, or a retired marine. Like everyone is huge!! haha it's crazy to see! Overall though, people are so nice here, and they really appreciate the idea of two young men doing this work and going out to preach the gospel! They're usually open to talk and listen, and i've already seen miracles! First day out, I got to attend a baptism with an investigator my companion had! and we're probably gonna have one in two weeks with someone we've been teaching!  I love it here so much! it's hard, like it's the hardest work i've ever done, and sometimes it's a shock to think that I'm doing this for the next two years, but FAITH over fear!!! That's what keeps me going!! I love all of your letters so much, and I write back every monday!!! Keep telling everyone to write and to let me know what's going on in their lives, and read the Book of Mormon! the Book of Mormon is the meat and potatoes of the gospel, and there's no better way to get closer to god than by reading that book! I can testify of that!! ah I gotta go, but i'll write a lot more next week I promise! I love you all soooo much!!! Till next week!!! It's been awesome!!! I truly love serving the Lord ad seeing the joy that I get from the gospel come into other people's lives!!!!
Love, Jeffrey (Elder Langford)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012




RALEIGH, NC  27615-6845


Elder Langford,  his companion Elder Nash, Elder Butz and Elder Adams left the MTC at 3:30 am Monday, July 9, 2012 for the Salt Lake City, UT Airport.  Their flight left at 6:45 am headed for Detroit, Michigan connecting to Elder Langford's new home for the next 23 months, North Carolina!!!


Jeff is loving the unlimited cereal with Elder Butz!!  Looks like a Life, Fruit Loops, and Lucky Charms Combo!! Yum!!
Meeting Good Friends!!
I'm getting up at what time every day???
Pretty sharp looking Elders!!

Work it Elder! Actually Jeff claims he lost a few pounds in the MTC!!

Elder Langford and Elder Nash!!
Loving the MTC!!

Study time!!

Very Nice Elephant Pose!!

Practicing new door approach they learned!

Get used to seeing a lot of bikes!!


Jeff (Elder Langford) mailed this letter on Saturday, July 7th and it arrived here on Monday.  This is the last letter we will receive from the MTC.  Elder Langford has already left for North Carolina. 

Dear Mom, "I loved the package.  We ate all the chips and salsa in that same day we got it!! MMMMM......
That's sad about the fires.  Send me some pics. Sad it did so much damage but glad everyone is okay!.  So I don't know when my next time to write will be.  But I will write ASAP!!  Those shirts you sent ROCKED!! I love them.  So comfy and lighter to wear.  Thanks so much!!  Please keep all the letters coming!!  I got Emmalee's, Dad's and yours in the package.  I love all of Natalie's quotes she sends me. I get all of Hollie's billion letters she writes.  I love them all.  Everyone sounds like they are doing well and I love to hear how they are all growing up.  I love this thing with the missionaries writing Kaitlyn.  They really enjoy it.  Can't wait to see her start college.  She'll do great I bet!!"  
     "4th Of July here was good.  We had a cool program and then got to watch all of the Stadium of Fire Fireworks.  Great day!!  I fly out of here on Monday.  I think my flight is around 8 or 9.  So excited to get to North Carolina to serve."  I love you mom. I can feel you love and hope you can feel mine cuz I love you so much and appreciate everything you've done at this point to get me here!! Love, Elder Langford

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Jeffrey (Elder Langford) continues to love the MTC.  It's fun to have pictures to put with the names and stories.  We got another letter today and I will share excerpts from that.  
June 25
"Last week of P Day! Spent they whole time writing everyone! haha can't wait to get more letters from all of you!!  Just a good P day, and kinda stressful with writing 12 people but i got it done! great to hear from all of you!!!"

(He has been great about writing everyone back.  We love to get his letters!)

June 26: " We had to get up super early cause our gym timewas scheduled at seven in the morning. Early morning soccer and  running are a good way to start the day out! Had a great break fast, and then a SALAD  for lunch. a SALAD! It was good I admit it. I'm turning over a new leaf! literally.... Then we taught some TRC.  We had a great study on the book of mormon! gotta love 2 Nephi 25 :26-28! (hope that's right) we taught an investigator the plan of salvation, and it worked out really good! She understood it pretty well!! Had a really good talk about just setting an example for the church in a positive way in all ways and everything that we do! great day! Wish I had more time to write about it!"
 (Jeff is working hard to keep in shape).
June 27
He used to eat the entire jar of these as a little kid!
"Woke up at five thirty to do service! We cleaned bathrooms for an hour, and then got some good breakfast! We talked about stress management today, and I feel like i;'m really doing a good job! I haven't really gotten overwhelmed, and I"m staying really organized! We talked about how we really need to invite people to baptism every single time we come! kind of a crazy thought, but it make sense. For lunch, oh gosh..... they.... had.... MARASCHINO CHERRIES!!!! I GOT A WHOLE CUP AND WENT AT IT!!!!!!That was nice. almost as healthy as a salad ;) We then talked about charity, and being bold. Having bold charity was a really cool idea to me, and I really hadn't thought about that before.... I love how it works. Charity doesn't always mean being completely in agreement with anything they say, but really being bold as Jesus was to everyone! If you read, he really lays down the law, but is still a perfect example of charity! I really took that to heart, and has been a really cool revelation for me Awesome! Again such a strong testimony of teaching by the spirit!  Love it!"
June 28
Today we had bacon for breakfast, and then had gym time right afterwards! Then to lunch, they didn't have salad, but chili dogs, and they were super good.  I may have had a few, and then we got mail, and in the maill...... WAS A HUGE THING OF CHIPS AND SALSA FROM LOS HERMANOS!!! ahhh sooooo goood! haha I ate like the 24 ounce thing of salsa in that same day. soooo good! Another thanks to the Ballifs!! You guys are keeping me alive! That was sooo good!! Plus the scotcherooos were amazing too! Thank you!!!! We also had a really good discussion with Patrick and we really felt the spirit! Sooo amazing!!! We committed him to baptism and he accepted. Again, it's all about the spirit and letting the people know that you really love and care about them. That's how successful teaching is done! Oh and funny story, we were walking back from the field from a gym day and we saw some immodest joggers on the other side and so I cried out OH SATAN!! WHY DO YOU TEMPT ME?!"
Jeffrey is very sad the salsa is gone!
(Jeff's favorite Mexican Restaurant is Los Hermanos and I think he was very sad to be at the bottom of the salsa container).

June 29:  "Bought a water bottle, and now I drink like two gallons of water a day. it really works when you buy one, cause you always use it! funny how that works. Great lesson on prayer, and how we should let the investigator feel the importance of it, and we should really get them to pray for us. So true, and I've seen that work, creating more love from us, and from god! We tried it in a discussion and it really works!!! Finished Matthew, loved it.   Marked it up good with some thoughts, and really like how we teach with the fear of God, not of man. Back to bold charity. It's really made a difference as I've strtived to use and feel it more! Gym was great as always. Gave my companion a blessing tonight, and I felt such a strong spirit.... I just felt what to say and it was surreal. I'm so happy to be here and every day just makes me more ready to get out of here and start serving the people of Raleigh!!!"
June 30
"Pretty normal great day here!  No time so I'm just gonna talk about tomorrow cause it was awesome!!!"
July 1
 "Fast sunday...... the longest, most painful day of my life!!! It felt like forever! Bore my testimony though, I could really feel the spirit guiding me through it, giving me things to say and organizing my thoughts.  Amazing how that really works!!! Then a three.... hour.... mission conference....  Elder Nash gave a lesson on  the apostacy and the restoration! Went really good! Preparation makes a difference! Then we had a great walk around the temple, a nap, and then DINNER!!!! oh that felt good!!! Then we had an amazing fireside as soemone impersaonating someone from Jo Smith's time, and that was great, Then right after  we sang, " Praise to the man", and we all stoood, and there were so many of us, and I've never felt the spirit so strong as I did then!!! Then we watched the Jo Smith movie, and again I just had such a true feeling of how true everything is, the prophet, the gospel, the blessings my family and friends are recieving, and how this is such a divine cause I have !!! I love you all1!! out of time!!!!! till next time! Love youuuuu!!!!!!!"

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Meeting the New Mission President

Last P-Day (Monday), Jeff wrote individual letters home to the family.  Apparently the only thing that's overwhelmed him at the MTC so far is having so little time to write everyone back.  We've written him a lot of letters so far.  He has also wanted to send pictures but the machine to do that at the MTC is broken and he wont be able to send his MTC pictures until he arrives in NC.  This was the first letter he wrote to me (mom):  I will paraphrase some of it below.  He sounds like he is just loving it at the MTC:

      "Dear Sister Langford (mom),  I've loved every minute of it here!  I can't get enough.  Thank you for raising me to be able to meet this goal in my life.  I can feel myself coming closer to Christ as I learn to serve others, and love the people I teach.  The spirit is so strong here.  It truly amazes me how the spirit really can teach through you!  Staying obedient to the mission rules and using all my time as best as I can brings that spirit when I teach  It really does make you humble and I can't imagine doing any of this without the Lord's constant aid and comfort.  I've been reading the New Testament and have been marking almost everything and writing insights that I feel when I read!  It's so amazing. I'm so ready to spread this joy I have to everyone in Raleigh  It will be incredible to be that instrument in the Lord's hand!
      I love my district!  We're so close and we really study hard and always have great insight and deep conversations together.  From day one, we just  bonded and this has been honestly not scary at all!  "Faith replaces all Fear."
     I hope that I can continue to do my very best on my mission so that I can fully teach and spread the gospel and give full thanks to the Lord for all the blessings that he's provided me! 
     We met our new mission president and his wife! Great people.  They're the Burnhisels and he's a fertility doctor.  Awesome people!
     I love you so much and know that you're being blessed.  I'm praying for everyone everyday and love you all so much.  Til next week!  Love, Jeffrey (Elder Langford)"
      Exciting that he and his new mission President are in the MTC at the same time.  Not many elders get that opportunity.  They will both be arriving in North Carolina and getting trained at the same time.  Sister Braithwaite told me this is such a great time to be in the MTC because all the new Mission Presidents are there and they have General Authorities there (even the first presidency once) every day to help train and instruct the new Presidents.  What an awesome thing and the Elders and Sisters there reap the benefits of that!