Friday, July 19, 2013

Great Members, Trials, and Training Again!!

Hello everyone! 
I hope y’all are staying warm over there, because it's been pouring rain down on a day to day basis!  We’ve been blessed to have the car however, because we’re now covering two areas, we get it every week!  It’s a blessing and a burden… The bike’s been missed, and I do feel a bit heavier without it… 
We taught a lot of lessons this week! We really tried to get out there as much as we could, and tried to work together with members!  We’ve been able to grow some good relationships with members out here for a while, and we’re grateful everyday for their services towards us. There’s a member that does our wash every week and brings us by food here and there. She’s so kind and generous to be so thoughtful in the things she does! We really love and appreciate her!!….
I might as well just be a little honest here, these last two weeks, have been pretty low! In fact, the lowest of my mission!  If I could give some advice to everyone, it would be to forget yourself, by putting yourself to work!   I realize no one's perfect and the savior recognized this from the very beginning. He realized that we would mess up, and really fall  on our faces sometimes, in doing some of the stupidest things!  He provided us with the way, to use his gift.  Our enabling power, to progressively become like him, and to feel happy and successful in this life. Through his gospel, he has shown us the only way, to allow that power inside all of us to grow, to become more influential, and beneficial to our fellowman. The Gospel literally gives us the enabling power to be successful in this life, today!! It gives us happiness today! HE promises us that if we just come unto him and give his gospel and his way a shot, that we’ll be healed!  I’ve felt healing every time I’ve taken the sacrament. I feel and remember how I’m supposed to feel to be happy. If anything this week, I’ve gained a testimony of the importance of living the gospel, and keeping your faith strong!!  Never give up, and keep diligently pressing forward!  Always  keep going with a smile on your face!  You’ll never get out of it, until you back track, pray unto the Lord, and humble yourself. Accepting that broken heart and contrite spirit he desires us to posses. This is the only way, that we can be healed. We are lifted by his love, as we show we are trying to do his will.  
I would invite all those who are struggling for whatever reason to sacrifice something, for someone else. The smallest and simplest of things can make the biggest difference. I love all of you. I testify that the atonement is felt so powerfully in our lives, because of the sacrifice he made for us. His act of love, was and is the ultimate act of sacrifice. I know, as we sacrifice our selfish desires (this is pointing at me mostly), that we’ll feel the peace and the joy that we are promised, because we are accepting of the greatest sacrifice as we do so. We need to give love to be loved!  I need to give everyone my best self, sacrificing my idle pursuits, and doubts on the altar,so that I can truly follow the example of our Savior,  in demonstrating what love really means.  Next week, is going to be so much better!  I can already tell!  It’ll  be better because I'll be training in a trio :D so we’ll see how that cookie crumbles!  I’ll have a great opportunity to  apply and relearn the process of sacrifice and love!  Thank you so much for all of your prayers! I really, really appreciate them! God bless you all.
Elder Langford 

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