Monday, May 26, 2014

"Tostadas and trucks, 2003 Hamburger Helper, tracking or stalking??, Following an example to Finish Strong."


Hey!!  I don't have enough time to properly give the events we've had this week credit.  I'll start off with a pretty neat experience though!!

I was on exchange in a SOOOUUUTTTHHHEERRRNNNpart of town with one of our district leaders, and after being treated to some DELICIOUS tostadas from some members, we went to a less active member's house, and found his friend there, ready to be taught! So we carried on teaching him, had a great first lesson, and then I was finishing it up with a word of prayer... as I was praying, I asked in my heart to really help me pray for his needs, and what would be of most benefit to him at that time... As I said that, I saw a slight silhouette of a truck, and felt prompted to say it. We hadn't even talked about a truck!! So I just went for it, and no one really said much about it... I talked to the kid's friend's dad, and asked him about if he was having any problems or concerns w/ a truck... He told me that his parents had been divorced, and were actually debating on allowing him to have this truck or not... so crazy! I love how the Holy Ghost works :)

ALSO... we had hamburger helper that expired around 2003... that was pretty gross!

We got to teach our investigator's husband who came back from a deployment this week as well!! It went so well, we were just finishing up the lesson, and then out of the blue, their in-laws surprised them by coming a day early, and snuck in the door... Haha, so we had to postpone the remainder of the lesson... All is well though! She's for sure planning on her baptism the 21st of June, but has a lot of potential to move that back to June 14th! (I would love to be there). So we'll see what happens :)

ALSO... we've been stuffed like pigs this week.. .I'm so grateful for the members and all they do to help us and feed us!  We've eaten a lot of really good food this week!! It's been delicious!

I got to go on an exchange with the assistant to the president in the big area! We knocked on a door and a voice said, "Who is it?" and he's like "we're friends of so and so..." haha.  She said "no you're not! you're stalking him! Leave now or I'll call the police!" hahaha That was a surprise there... definitely not the purpose... So right after, we pull into a McDonald's  parking lot, and he just starts looking into the drive through windows, and I said, "elder, do you want some McDonald's?" and he says, "no I know that kid works here so I'm searching for him..."hahaha so in a sense, we were stalking him a bit...(we didn't find him).  "perfect love casteth out all fear". We had a nice time though.  He came out on the mission with me.  I handed him a fortune I'd saved in my wallet for a while... it said "You will be reunited with friends before the month is over!" Haha!! He didn't like it too much ;) It was good to talk about our areas we've served in, and It was good to see how the mission has changed and refined both of us! We've both grown a ton since the MTC, and it was neat to see how much he's been able to accomplish on his mission. We're the last two in our group that're still in the mission so we're hanging in there together! Times are changing... I'm grateful that the Lord's answered my prayers though. He's given me an eternal perspective for these people. The people really probably don't care when I'm leaving or how old I am when I'm on my mission, but hopefully they care about how much love they can feel, and how much closer to Christ they have been brought. 

I'm finishing strong for the one that finished strong for me as he made his final preparations for the children of men! Christ lived a fantastic life, but as we know, the key to our eternal salvation is when he "suffered the pains of every living creature", as he "submits the flesh even unto death."  I'm to represent Him, I can surely keep my focus for the remainder of my days, before my voice becomes one of the dust in the Raleigh mission, as I go the way of all the earth, entering into the land of never ending preparation days... BUT until then as it tells us in Ecclesiastics 9:10, "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest." And maybe I'll get working on verse 9 in a while ;)

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! God speed :) Until next time!!!
Love, Elder Langford

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