Monday, September 17, 2012

Elder Langford's North Carolina News:
 September 17, 2012

I don't have incredibly long to type today, but there was so much good! Two days in particular were just incredible so I'll focus on those!
So Saturday was so amazing! We met this lady from El Salvador, and she was so solid! We brought a member that spoke Spanish with us, because there was a little bit of a language barrier, but she was so golden! She wants to read the whole Book of Mormon, and just wants to know more! Plus the member's excited as well, and will be coming every time we can meet with her, plus we've already found some really good people to friendship her into the ward! It's really looking great for her! The desire and open heart are definitely present!

Then we had another great meeting with this lady that we'd met on the street as well, and she was so great! So solid! She just sucked in what we had to say, and she asked us if we really believed that we had been put in her path for a reason, and we bore our testimony that psssh, of course we were! We taught her the restoration, and she took it all in so well, and is reading the Book of Mormon, and just soaking it in! Near the end I just told her how much we cared and loved her, and she really felt that we meant it, not as a pass-along-invitation, but as truth, because we were there to give her the best thing that we possibly could!
We also ate at golden Corral AGAIN, and are tomorrow as well... Good thing we have exercise time! Haha I'm using every minute of it!
I wish I had more time, but Sunday was incredible as well! A less active that we taught who hasn't been to church for ages, bought new church clothes, read 10 chapters the night we told him to read daily, and just loved church! He participated and just wanted it back in his family's life! His wife isn't a member, but is interested in the lessons, and we're teaching her Wednesday! It's been a week of such miracles! Back to church, someone gave the most incredible talk that really touched me just about taking the initiative, and doing things before your compelled to! I actually found her afterwards and stole the talk so I could take it home for myself! I'll try and send a copy home because it had a really big impact on me! The members as well are so friendly! I know most of them and love how we can talk closely and laugh together, and really have that trust with them.
One of the more important things I've learned about this week, is that these miracles didn't just appear one day. All of these great things that have happened, have been from diligent and hard work trying to find investigators, and do a lot of things to get to know the members better, and gaining their trust in the missionaries. It's been so inspiring to me to see what increased work and diligence can do, and the changes that come from it. As we continue to work our hardest, giving as much of our agency as we can to the Lord, that's when he's blessed us the most. This was a very rewarding weekend, and I pray that it doesn't stop there! We're only going to keep trying harder, and strive for more miracles in this field sooo ripe right now!
In two weeks, my trainer is leaving, and I'm taking over! Just like that! I've really striven to take the advice a missionary I met on the first day at the airport gave me, saying to never hide behind your trainer, and just sit back..   Especially these past couple weeks, I've been striving hard to learn better how to do it all on my own, so that I can be ready when I take the lead! Should be great! It'll definitely give me a chance to take on more responsibility, and show the Lord that I'm ready to get to work!! I love you all so much, but have to go, because I have five minutes now to write to the President... Haha!  Oh P.S.  I saw a firefly! Pretty awesome!  Love you!!  Elder Langford

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