Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elder Langford's Challenges for the Week: September 24, 2012 

Hello!  Ok sorry again, it’s going to be a short one. I’ve worked it out to possibly get more time next week so I can write more to you next week!   This week went by faster than I could keep track… It really feels like Monday was yesterday… do I say that every week now? It’s pretty mind boggling how time soars out here! This week was a week of much, much biking. Pretty sure that my legs are going to be superhuman by the time this is over!

First off, I would invite anyone who’s up to it to check out ‘Jesus the Christ’! I just finished it a couple days ago and It’s an amazing way to get to know your Savior better, and unimaginably, gain even more love and appreciation for all that he has done for all of us.    It’s not exactly a picture book, but it’s great and worth the time! 

 Again wish I had more time, but I’d just like to take a little time to stress the importance of setting goals!!  Progression in anything is all about making goals, and keeping goals. I’ve seen sooo much progression out here as I have written weekly goals that make me stretch, and make me change, that’s exactly what’s been happening. I see a difference every single day, as I look over them, and make a sincere effort to accomplish them daily. This is probably somewhat of a ‘no-duh’ to some people I’m sure, and is also something I wish I could’ve caught onto years, and years ago. So even if it’s just one goal, I challenge everyone to set a goal this week, that somehow makes you uncomfortable, makes you stretch, or makes you change, and to look at that goal every single day, and make plans, to do it every single day! I promise you’ll see the difference and grow from it! Someone gave a talk in church about how the natural man’s tendency, is to find the easy way out, and then get back into the comfort zone. I know that by setting goals and sincere prayer, that we can fight through that, and always keep busy, always stretching, and always progress in becoming more prepared to meet God. I hope this made sense, it made a lot of sense to me! I’ve set (setting a goal right now) to take better notes, and prepare a more effective, detailed blog of the week! You’ll have to be the judge if that actually happens! Haha I love you all soooo much and wish that I had more time to tell you more about the week!! Keep on being who you are, cause you’re all great. Super great. I love you!!!!  Elder Langford

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