Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Training, Goal Setting, and Keep Feasting Upon Cereal!!

Update from Elder Langford: May 28, 2013
Hey everyone!

Whew! I really don’t have too much time today! Thank you everyone for those emails you sent! And the letters! Definitely appreciated!

Well, first off, I’m training again!! So now this means that I’ve been trained, training, follow-up training, training, follow-up training, and now I’m training again…. Oh the joys we get working with the youth. To feel young again. They keep my wrinkles hidden. Just kidding. I don’t have any wrinkles, because in this beautiful area of Fayetteville, I’ve actually lost a bunch of weight… my pants are starting to fall off!  My belt won’t go any tighter! But it’s ok because I think we’re going to start having more frequent member meals, so perhaps after a while they’ll fit me again.

I just want to re-emphasize the joy and real power of goal setting. I know, I know, Elder Langford’s talked about this more than probably anything else, but it’s so true! It’s literally the thing that keeps you sane and stable on a mission, so don’t be afraid to set some good goals, and account for them nightly! Elder Ballard’s even told us that if we don’t learn how to master the art of goal setting, we’ll never live up to our full potential, and reach a ripe old age where we’ll look back and lose that time to progress. I definitely have progressed at a crazy high paced speed as I’ve really cracked down on the goals… I can hardly keep up with myself and it may be a little bit of a refiner’s fire here and there, but there’s so much in store! Progressing towards goals is the thing that keeps us sane; think about it! The happiest thing that we can hope for is that the Gospel is true. When we do little steps towards like, like anything else, we receive this little glimpse of hope, of what could happen if we stay on this path.  It’s an overwhelming feeling of the
Holy Ghost. He gives us that hope, that helps us gain the ambition to show faith. Just like anything else, if you don’t have the hope, than you’ll never exercise the faith towards it! There’s no point in training for a marathon if you don’t think you’ll be able to make it! Our job as witnesses of Jesus Christ, is to give this hope to other people and ourselves!! We literally need to be a reminder to others, that Jesus Christ does really exist, and that following his commandments gives us blessings. If you see that someone’s hope has been exhausted and they feel that there’s nothing else or no other place to turn, inspire them with the hope of the gospel. The GREATEST gift you can give to someone is hope! You can’t force them to have faith, and you can’t force them to live in a way that you’d like them to, but you can inspire hope. So many people look at life like it’s an empty fire pit, waiting for someone to come and light it for them. Our job is to kindle that hope, show them how it works so they can gain confidence in themselves and in the mercy of Jesus Christ. As we demonstrate how we obtain hope, and how we maintain that hope by faith (praying, reading, keeping commandments, covenants, etc.) we can CHANGE LIVES. We can help people realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! It’s their choice to begin walking towards it, but it’s our responsibility to let them know that they CAN start walking towards it!

I don’t know why, but I’ve felt that there’s been an overall  feeling of a degrading hope lately from different people. I want to testify as clearly as I can that there is ALWAYS hope. You can never sink low enough, or fall into too thick of a darkness, where the light of Christ cannot penetrate. You can feel good and happy every single day for the rest of your life. Positivity is a correlation to HOPE. Keep your hope burning and alive by always maintaining it by your acts of faith! If you’re feeling down, go do something! Go serve someone else! Say a prayer, and get back to living life to the fullest of your potential and possibility! The gospel of Jesus Christ is the way that we can literally live with peace and guidance all of our lives through all trials and hard ships. Get on the straight and narrow :D just do it! No matter what’s preventing you, just put your fear, your doubt, and whatever you think is holding you back, and do it, and I promise you, that as soon as you make that first move, you can experience a rejuvenating feeling of the reality that Jesus Christ has overcome the world. He’s over come your trials, and he will always be there. He’s real, and so are his teachings. Let us not let anything take us off the path of living the Christlike life we all have the potential to live. Every single one of you is a son and daughter of God with people all around you that depend on you being your very best self. Some pray so hard for an answer, for some hope, for some peace. As President Monson always says, we can always be on the rescue to those who need us. Be that person. Be that example of what it means to be a witness of Christ, and experience the Joy in the hope of eternal Life!  We can always have a perfect brightness of hope in the gospel. It’s flawless. It’s like a giant bowl of cereal that no matter how many times you eat it, always tastes good! (because cereal always does).  Don’t deny yourselves the blessings that you are privileged to receive.  Go partake of the fruit, or for sake of the analogy, a bowl of cereal. I love you all sooo so much! And I want you to know how happy and positive I am for the future! There’s so much in store for every single one of us! Be happy and rejoice in this goodness :D :D I love you all so much, and pray earnestly that you’ll be able to take some hope out of this message, and then put it to good use!  Please write if there’s anything I can ever do for any of you, and I’ll do my best to keep you in my prayers and help you out!! I love y’all!!!
Love, Elder Langford

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