Monday, June 3, 2013

"Teaching the Gospel," Sponsored by Coke??? & A New Companion!!

Hello everyone!!
Whew! Fantastic week out here in good ol’  (HUMID AND HOT ONCE MORE) North Carolina!!! Someone turned the sauna on and we’re all starting to roast! Which is good. I’ve got some water weight to lose anyway. Speaking of water, (this relates just watch) Elder Pettitt’s bike broke at the beginning of the week, and so, a member said they actually got a bike that we could use, but it was in a box and still had to be put together. So Elder Pettitt put it together, and it advertised “Dasani” really big on the bike sides… Haha. Here we go, giving out the ‘living water’ to people, sponsored by Cocacola… The Lord was not pleased with this thought process… after only two days of using it, the chain snapped and broke in half. We received humbly that we were not to further represent Coke products. Sorry mom. 

Got some great baptism prospects comin up! We should be seeing some baptisms before June ends! We’ve been working our guts out and some fruits are starting to form! Alma 32 has taken a completely new light and meaning to my entire life… perfect representation of setting goals, and learning to be happy in the progression towards them, because that’s what the gospel is. It’s the way that we can accomplish our goals of preparing for eternal life, giving us a perfect brightness of hopeGood stuff.

A great note was, not only did we get to watch Johnny Lingo for priesthood on Sunday, (gotta love our EQP), but we also had a mission wide fast the day before for finding the elect, and the success of the new mission being formed. It’s incredible to see the power of fasting in the works… One of our investigators was able to come to church, and we were able to set up a dinner and a lesson at a member’s house next week with him. Also, a member came up to us, letting us know that she has someone that she’d like us to begin teaching, and who is ready to begin the discussions. We called her last night, assuming the number she gave us was her number (the member), but it was the investigator. I just said it straight: “would you like the missionary discussions?” “Yeah that’d be great!” boom. Fasting is incredible. WE can’t wait to begin sharing the message with her.

Also, we had a great combined leadership meeting! It was all the zone leaders, district leaders, president, some guest speakers, and the senior sisters. IT was really good to see some of the missionaries I’d worked with in the past, and to see how so many of these great elders are now becoming leaders. The best part about being a missionary from Utah is the fact that most of your companions live less than an hour away from you. Can’t argue with that!! We had a great talk on the difference on lift in the mission, and drag on the mission. When an airplane takes off, it actually requires opposition to either lift off the ground, or to drag it back down… so the opposition will ALWAYS be there, no matter what we do. The difference we can make, is if we constantly look at the problems, or the solutions. There will always be problems, and there will always be solutions! Not always solutions to solve everything immediately, but definitely ways to progress towards success! Let us always strive to lift ourselves up with the experience we have on this earth of opposition, and to never let it get us down! There’s waaaaaay too many good things to hope for as we stay positive and fulfill our covenants of being witnesses of that peace. We can make a huge difference in the lives of others just by simply smiling, and signifying that we believe in Jesus Christ, and because we do so, he makes us happy! BAM. Missionary work right there.  Service with a smile! It’s like a dandelion! By small and simple things, great things come to pass! Just give it a little faithful blow, and watch as the multitudes begin to be planted. Ohh man I gotta go… time flies waaaay too fast…. Speaking of that, I’m at my year mark in 2 weeks…. Looking back, I’ve changed sooo so much, and I’m looking forward almost anxiously at the progression and production that this next year has in store as I continue to let the master do his work on me! He’s got a lot of carving do to still so let’s hope I can just hold still…. My mom knows how bad I USED to be (emphasis added) at getting shots… How I’d run around the room before I’d just sit down and get the thing done and feel better… same concept. We just need to sit down, and let the doctor work his healing art! Just got back from Gilead a couple days ago, turns out we do have balm, so go check it out!!! I LOVE YOU ALLLL!!!! And Elder Pettitt says hi!!! And bye. He’s leaving tomorrow. Great companion. Learned a lot! Including origami. 

Yep I’m training a new companion again! It’s pretty great!  I like playing with kids what can I say? Things are honestly going really good right now and I’m developing charity, and I’m understanding how to better manifest it to people. Commitment! I’m learning more about what commitment means. There’s so much truth to charity in the principle of inviting, committing, and following up with people. That’s some thing that we can do our entire lives to spread the good message of love to all that we care about. IT’s about the added up small things, not the rapture of last minute big bonanza surprises every once in a while. (those are good too, but not the core). I’ll have the new companion on Tuesday! Gotta go!!! Love you!  Elder Langford

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