Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shaving with a Buzz Saw & the Gospel is True!!

Hello everyone! 
Hope the week's been great and sunny!  It's been nice and rainy down here, but luckily we've been able to have a car this week.  What a blessing. The sisters in our ward had a baptism, and I was able to interview him,  being the district leader. He was definitely ready to go and very prepared!   I had the opportunity of baptizing him as well. There's so much power in the ordinances of the gospel. Just pulling him out and seeing the smile on his face, and feeling the power, was a comforting manifestation of the Holy Ghost. This week, everyone decided to move.  It was pretty hectic. We had the opportunity to move around a good four families. Lots of heavy lifting and pizza!  Good balance there.

The zone conference on Sunday was incredible! I know that this is going to change the way that we're able to work with members and bring many more unto the fold of baptism. It's always a miracle to see what happens when we decide to do things in the Lord's way. That's definitely a learning process that goes on, and on, and on.  Elder Toone and I are really striving to learn how to work most effectively with each other right now.  Right now, however, it's kind of like shaving with a buzz saw... we'll work it out though!   The Lord can do anything if we follow his simple gospel. I've come to find that as I've had sometimes this week where I've just humbled myself and tried to follow the Lord's will, that the comforter truly cleanses the soul, and helps bring back the righteous perspective we all need to go on into the next step of faith.  It's been a great week! and I really hope and pray that next week is an EVEN greater week!  I'm grateful for everyone's prayers, and I love each and everyone of you so much. I promise next week  I'll get some more on here. Take care and God Bless all y'all!
Elder Langford

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