Monday, September 23, 2013

Facebook Worthy, Being in the Right place at the Right Time & Life"s Movie!!

Hey everyone,
It’s me again. GREAT WEEK this week! I actually wrote down some highlights, so hopefully I can more fully portray how great this week was, so that you can all learn by faith, as well, how great this week was.
It started off with a bang! Just a couple hours after we finished emailing in the library, we had a late night lesson with an investigator that Elder Smith and I months back had met on our bikes, gave him a card, and we didn’t really get that “come back tomorrow and baptize me” feeling. Many weeks passed by, and we
continually tried to stop by and catch him at home, as just that potential investigator in the back of our planner. Then, we finally met up with him one night, but sadly, he was heading for the shower, and since the spirit can’t dwell in filthy temples, (and he was in his towel), we rescheduled, and gave him his time. We came back Monday
night, and found out his background.  We learned that this man was indeed a man, who still skates, ski’s, runs mud runs, and works at an outdoors shop giving ski tours! He almost sounds like my dad Minus the skating. SO we shared with him the restoration, and got his background of religion, seeing how he’d tried to go to all of these different churches, and putting together with his own wisdom what his interpretation of it all was. He really related to Joseph Smith, and as we invited him to read and pray about it at the end, we asked him how he felt. He said that he felt Illuminated. We of course started saying prayers of gratitude in our heads, as we helped him to understand how those feelings were from the Holy Ghost. He agreed and said that he’d had familiar feelings as he’d gone to church in the past. He accepted a baptismal invite, and he’s now reading and praying about the Book of Mormon! We’re seeing him again tomorrow! It’s always incredible to see how the Lord prepares people, and then slowly but surely, he puts you in their path, when they’re ready, and when he thinks you’re ready (not always when we think we’re ready).  We never know when someone around us is ready to hear the Gospel, and needs that message of hope in their lives. We do know however, that as we pray for those situations to occur, that the Lord will put people in our path that are ready to receive that message.  Even if it’s just a spoonful at a time, you could take part in feeding someone the full bowl of capn’ Gospel Crunch, so never be afraid to share, because the Lord knows you’re ready, and that’s why he put you there!! He loves all his children and wants us all to take part in the salvation of our brothers and sisters. There’s a lot of them! AND WITH THAT BEING
WE’RE ON FACEBOOK!!!!! The North Carolina Raleigh mission has been selected and chosen as one of the piloting missions for facebook online proselyting!!! We get about an hour a day to do all sorts of things that y’all get to do everyday, except we’re still preaching the gospel!!  We’ve spent the last week beginning the cleansing process of our facebooks… it’s ridiculous, and quite the long process… IT’s a
nice walk to almost every single memory you’ve had in the last couple years, but hey sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven!  With his new tool (for missionaries), we’ve basically been told,  (and very trusted with), the spirit of the law, and making sure we do things that are in tune with our purpose and the spirit of our calling. We can talk to investigators online all over the world, having members join us for lessons! We get to CHAT online! Has anyone ever done this before? It’s a breakthrough! We'll see what happens in the next couple weeks, but basically, we get to facebook a bunch of people for an hour a day, trying to spread  the effort in bringing the gospel to all of the world. We won’t be able to talk too much outside of the missionary work, but we could in the near future here, help those future missionaries such as Alex or Hollie, get on and have some missionary lessons and discussions with us online! WHOA…. They failed to mention this in the MTC… I remember when I got excited when email switched from an hour to an hour and a half -_-. 
IT’s a great honor and a trust to see that they have allowed our mission to be one of the  first to try it out, and we’re going to give a good effort to not ‘mess it up’ and see the fruits that come from doing so!  MY testimony is going viral!  Joseph Smith truly meant the gospel would penetrate all of the earth, and I know that this is just the next step in the great rolling forth of the gospel around the world. The snowball’s started to pick up speed, and the hill just got real steep! We’ll have to let you know some success stories about it next week! So soon to be future missionaries,  keep your facebook clean and ready to purge, because it stinks have to do it on your mission -_-
Few things could top a great news like that! EXCEPT… a less active member coming to church this week after many weeks of encouragement, and many years (10-15) of inactivity! His mother passed away in a traumatic event.  He came to church this week, overcoming every fear and just stepping into the Light. IT was incredible to see him there! The ward really embraced him and he wants to continually come back! Seeing the difference this has made in his life is truly a blessing, and
a reminder that it’s never too late! We’ve told him so many times in so many ways, that it’s never too late! He wants to change his life and prepare to find a wife and ready himself for a temple marriage. It’s a humbling feeling to sit back and think how much God loves all of his children and ‘esteemeth all flesh as one.’ I know
that He loves all of us, and desires us all to continually live and take the next step of faith in our own lives, be it coming to church, forgiving someone, sharing the gosssspelllll, Going to the temple, starting on that talk, or whatever his next step is for you!   I read a scripture today that says that Christ sees the past, present, and
future, all as the present. It’s all right there in front of his face, and he’s been there. IT’s almost as if he’s not only watched every single movie of our lives, but he’s also played every, single, role.
He knows you better than you know yourself! He’s seen the outakes, and knows how you’re going to messup many times! If we strive to live by his teachings, he will surely guide us as the director, to the next scene of our lives, and help us get the most out of this Movie we’re in! because really, That’s all it is! There was a life before and
after the movie so  do your best and listen to the director!  It’ll take action but it’ll be worth it! Ahh time’s gone….. I love all y'all so much!!! Keep on keeping on, and never stop trusting in him who is mighty to save!!
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Love, Elder Langford

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