Monday, September 9, 2013

Welcome Elder Campbell, Reese's PB Cups, & Garrett's Baptism!!

Hey everyone!

I wasn't able to write a blog last week.  One new thing is that I have a new companion. His name is Elder Campbell and he's been out a little over a year.   We get along really well He's a good missionary,  a little on the quiet side, but I think just with some time and forming a deep relationship, well be able to really get talking.  He was on a badminton high school team, which is pretty interesting! He went to BYU the same year I did in heritage, and he was going for civil engineering.  We are doing good together! He's ready to work and he's very smart!

We have a great family in the ward. (The Smith Family)!! They give us rides and they went and bought our favorite foods.   She bought  gummies and Reese's PB cups. Of  course I ate the whole bag as I always do.. whoops ;)

We had a great baptism last week.  A young man whose name is Garrett! He's doing so good! I saw him in young mens and he was beaming after his confirmation.  It was a great manifestation of the Holy Ghost!

Our new area sisters have been cradled by the ward and they're working hard!
Sister Wilde is training Sister  Baining, and they're having some good success! We gave them Remi, our investigator, and she's progressing so well!  Things  are going great out here! This area is  ready to harvest!  Our ward mission leader is as excited about missionary work as  we are!! We need to take some of his enthusiasm and use it! He's off the wall on top of everything, and has helped us coordinate so much since
we've gotten here.

We've been biking up a storm here the last two weeks and we've talked to a lot of people!  We've seen lots of little miracles. 

One of our new investigators was a referral that's been staying at a member's home for a while. Hes had to go through some hard times in his life, he's turned to God, and has seen the difference in his life in doing so. Its incredible to see how excited he is and how many questions he has as we continually go over and teach him.  He truly loves the gospel, and is diving in so deep! One of the things we had
to talk about was how to find our own answers from God, and becoming in a sense, self reliant on our revelation and testimonies.  The  testimony of a missionary can only carry so far into someones life, but a personal testimony of the Gospel of Christ, changes the heart, and strengthens the soul.  

Elder Oaks gave us the initiative to become spiritually self reliant, depending upon the Lord, to help us overcome our trials and questions. We all go through tough trials in our lives, where we dont always know how to find the answer or where to turn. I testify that through learning how to receive personal revelation, and developing a healthy relationship with our Father  in Heaven, that we can find out the things that we need to do, in order to realize that we are truly sons and daughters of our father in Heaven. Imagine the things he wishes to tells us and remind us of.
Just like our own family members, the surface, once cracked, has so much more to tell, and the deep love that our Father in Heaven has for us, is a surface that we can choose to crack into, and partake of the unending love that he wishes us to feel.  I know that everyone of you is a child of God, that you're loved, and that if you dont feel that you are, there are so many that would love to remind you, especially
your Father  in Heaven!

Well, times a running out, I love all of you so much and hope that y'all have a great week!!! Take care a God bless yah!
Elder Langford

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