Monday, October 14, 2013

Facebook Proselyting Miracles, Strong & Faithful Youth & The Gall of Bitterness!

Hooo boy! Time’s a tickin today…
First off I’d like to say thanks to my mom for sending the Halloween candy! Great analogy of the Savior here.  I'm not allowed to blame her for me getting sick for eating the entire Gummy Bear/Recess PB Cup bonanza, but only grateful that she sent it all :D.  So when we have those days, and make poor choices, it’s usually not his fault… but it’s ours, with the way that we spend the gifts he gives us…!

This was another week of great miracles! (as always). First off, the
facebook kick off has really started to begin now! I was able to teach
someone that we met two areas ago, with my former companion, Elder Packard, over facebook!! Oh the things you’d never think you’d do on your mission! I thought the age change was crazy…

....WHICH, it actually was! I know this, because we had a fantastic stake
conference this weekend, Presided by Elder Giddens. He said, that he
overheard Elder Nelson say in public, (so he assured us it’s doctrine),
that this revelation has been the greatest of significance, second
only to the expansion of the priesthood in the 70’s… WHOA…. It’s no
surprise that his talk was about catching the wave, because this has
been one of the biggest we’ve ever seen! Pretty crazy..

As we know however, the real miracles, are the smaller, more
personal ones that we get to see as we keep our eyes open.  We had
someone from the ward call us last night, asking for help in teaching
one of his friends about prayer… He’s the only member of his family,
and has one of the strongest testimonies I’ve felt on my mission. It
was an honor and a humbling experience to give him some help and
advice on how he could present the message to his friend. We
encouraged him to share his testimony, and the power that comes from
it. The youth today of the church that I’ve been able to see, are so
strong. I don’t think I’d be able to have had the courage to sit down and
give a missionary lesson!

The greatest thing is, that it’s not that hard! ;)  As Elder Ballard has
told us, as we truly have a deep love for the people around us, we’ll
only be naturally inclined to bear our testimonies of the Gospel, even
if it’s just by the way we live, the way we talk, or the way that we
carry ourselves. Everyone has some light to give!

Another little tidbit before I head out.  We had an impromptu lesson
with these 2 high school kids which went really well and we set up a time to
go back and see them. When we called them back, their mom answered
saying how appreciative she was for us teaching him and the immediate
difference that he was able to feel. Haha!! She also said in her
wonderful southern accent,  how he had neeever cleaned his room like that!
The gospel blesses families. Trust in your daily scripture studies and
family prayers, and there’s a great promise that the industrious,
proactive energy will burst out of your families, stretching out to
made beds, chores, and who knows what else, with smiles and vigor!
Gotta love the gospel.

Elder Campbell and myself have been invited to
the ward chili cook off party going on this weekend! We’ve got some
great plans to somehow make something that tastes kind of good
hopefully, and douse it with ghost pepper sauce, entitled “the gall of
bitterness." So that should go great as well! ;)
Just another friendly reminder to everyone to continue on with your daily
readings and prayers, because I know and promise that as you do so, that love for missionary work will naturally come out in you! You may talk to
someone about the gospel, and not even realize it until they ask you
about what it means to go the temple.
Ahhh time’s up! Love you !!!!!!!  Elder Langford

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