Monday, October 21, 2013

New Building & week of Miracles!!

Hey everyone,

Haha!! Oh I’ve used so much time already…. Never enough emailing time!!  This was a WEEK OF MIRACLES!!!

As always! Don’t even know where to start… the excitement for the new church building in this area keeps on snowballing! (See picture on my Facebook page)! So many members are ready to drive less than a half hour to church (like we Utahans), and so many members are going to be able to make it back once it gets closer! We were meeting with the bishop, and he  said  that members will be calling us.  Needless to say, the ward’s going great, and the work is also better than ever!!

We had a spirit filled lesson a couple nights ago with two 19 yr. old boys. As we were sharing testimonies of the Book of Mormon and how it blesses us on a daily basis, he paused and said, "timeout… time to get serious…"  (gotta love that as a missionary when they take you seriously :D)  He went about telling us that he wakes up just angry, just mad every single day… that he’s never happy, and that He just doesn’t really feel God’s love or the purpose in Life. We were able to bear solemn testimony about the Love that our Father  has for him as an individual. The spirit spoke a profound statement that sparked some real food for thought…

God has the ability to give us anything that he desires, keeping in mind that his main purpose is our ultimate happiness….

Then why doesn’t he give us a nice car, when our old one
breaks down, and why doesn’t he give us all of these great temporal
blessings?  Why do all of these seemingly big things, remain unfixed or imperfect?

This guy really pondered how deep God’s love is, and how it truly doesn’t matter what our surroundings give us, what life deals us out, or even what we’ve done. God desires our TRUE joy and happiness, through allowing us to change our hearts, and see this world as he sees it, and to see the purpose (and value) of our existence as he sees it. We talked about as we truly study his word and keep his commandments, we quickly find that these are simply enablers of happiness, to wipe away the dark, flawed perspective that are logic sometimes fogs are hearts with.

As we shared this, The other person felt inspired to share an experience of how he had attempted suicide, and almost succeeded, but felt that there was a strand of hope left in his life. He said that he knew that this book was true, he knew that
this was from Jesus Christ, and this WAS a hope that could change his life. He began to ask, "can I read this even if I’m Baptist right now?" I know it’s true and want this joy in my life.”

A man who was sitting on the steps seemingly not paying attention, asked as well if he could
have a pamphlet, and began downloading and reading all the scriptures on his phone. The other boy said this was the day he was making changes. He listed all the things he’d done, that he wanted to change and stop doing. As far as we know, he has ceased a number of drugs, and is taking big steps…

I know that the atonement is real, and that if we do as King Lamoni’s father was instructed to do, that the “evil spirit rooted within our breast, will be taken out" and we shall see God as he is, Loving & caring, always!! 
Love. Elder Langford

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