Monday, January 13, 2014

"Magic Pennies, Crazy Chihuahua, and...the humble are most ready to come unto Christ."

Hello everyone! 
Wow, miracles this week... I'll try to be a lot more organized in the next blog... 
Sorry for the disorganized thoughts here... Next week things will be a bit more organized!
So to start off, we called a referral, and he requested a blessing last night...  I've never given a blessing that was so straight forward.  The spirit quickly took over my own words and they just flowed.  This man was a spiritual giant.  He told us right afterwards, that he had the gift to discern spirits. He then talked about how the most important thing that we can develop, and the  greatest power on this earth, is the power of unconditional love. He went on to talk about how any scenario can be overcome as we learn to develop that trait. As we walked out, I peered my head back in and told him thanks, because that's exactly what I've been studying, trying to learn and better understand.  Without  missing a beat, he said, "I know. I can discern your spirit."  It's probably one of the most powerful moments on my mission. I promise that Heavenly Father answers prayers, and a lot of the times, he answers prayers for us through others. 
Someone in sacrament meeting talked about how we all have a magic penny, that whenever we give it away, we get more, it multiplies. The hardest things to give, the biggest of our magic pennies, always have the greatest increase. It's a wonderful thing :)
We also saw a small little chiwawa (can't spell it) that bit it's own big bulging eye out... Not exactly as spiritual, but just an interesting thing you don't always see. 

We have an investigator, who literally has 0 money, his written contract with someone who was going to pay the utilities was not honored. He doesn't have a job, and has been diligently searching for weeks. He moved out here with no familiy or nothing, and has had many freezing cold nights with no water, little food, and just about nothing, living off of candles instead of electricity.  He's also been reading, praying, and coming to church... and is the most humble man you'll ever meet. We've pulled his laundry from him, because he was washing it in the sink, and have got him many warm meals in member's homes, a long with a couple jackets and blankets. He's been the most humble and ready to learn investigator that I've ever had. He's done everything, and has fought to give up smoking. He said, "I've tried before, but this time's different... I feel something inside of me, that's pulling me away from them I don't even want to smoke anymore..." He recognizes it's the spirit. (we also went on an exchange with President Bernhisel, and taught a great lesson with him!!) Yesterday, he almost broke down. He said NOTHING is going right.  He laughs so he doesn't cry, and is just ready for something to happen. We smiled and told him that's so great! The Lord has literally put him to the most humble of points, the most that he could deal with, to try his faith, and he continued to read. That same night, our exchange offered to get him showered up, and also got him a bus pass for his potential job interview. The other member that came with us, talked about how he used to work at the same place, and that they'd be able to get him transferred, if he got hired, to the closer location. The next day at ward council, someone who was subbing for the high priest group leader, talked about how he was a convert, and had a delicious coffee substitute for him. He's also coming with us to a member's home for dinner again on Tuesday. He was also walking outside last night on the road that our church is on, and was able to catch the broadcast. At church he also had some of his question's answered in Gospel Principles, and was invited to be baptized by our teacher. Needless to say, He has been guided by the Lord, as he has done the small and the simple things. Reading. praying. Trying to quit, and coming to church. God is a great paradoxical worker, and I believe that part of this is so that we have to live by faith, to understand the sense of what reality really is. Bro Brady's fought against all odds, and just like him, as we all continue to rely upon the Atonement of Jesus Christ, by keeping his small and simple commandments, you too will be able to see how many people God sends your way, to answer the troubled call of your soul. He's a lot closer than you think, and will always invite and entice those you love to do good in your behalf. I Love you all so much, and am grateful for your examples!!  
This was a great week, with about 18 lessons, and 8 new investigators. The work is hastening! Love what you live, so you can live what you love, so that you can love to share how you live, because the way you live, is love. 

Life is to be loved :) 
Elder Langford

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