Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New Companion, and Defending the President!!

Hello everyone,

Hooo Boy!  What a week it was!   I said farewell to my companion, Elder Mayberry.   As he got in the truck heading towards Raleigh, and soon the airport, I had a feeling for some reason that day, as he was leaving, that this was going to be a really hard day... (a good challenge to have).  Sure enough, there was some crazy opposition that happened.  Until my new companion arrived, I got to teach about 2-3 lessons with the great help of the spirit, but a little on my own. All was well though! it was a privilege.  The opposition was with the person we were on exchange with.  He had some mixed feelings about some things, and is a little quick to start wrestling in the mud when things get dirty, if you get my drift... He started to go off, telling us how President Bernhisel, (my mission President), isn't led by the Lord, and said several other things not in the same category as fantastic.  I knew, that I had to keep up a good sense of Charity for him. I continued to simply bear my testimony that we knew that the President was being led by the Lord, and left him at that.  We had a couple mighty prayers, and told him no matter what he said, that we still loved him.  He had caught onto some super negative spirit... and it almost got us. 
We also that day, had a to plan for a huge zone meeting that we hadn't hardly touched for the next day for our great group of 20 companionships.  We had about an hour to prepare.  While being a bit spiritually exhausted and keeping a good ol' smile on our faces.  Well, the meeting came, and it was the most guided meeting we've ever had... Those words I spoke, were not my own, and I've never felt like I've been so carried before by my Father in Heaven. I'm so grateful for a Savior, that has carried our burdens, so that when our backs become heavy laden, he truly does the pushing... It's so great to picture that! Think of him, next to you, seeing you just down trodden, and beat down by the storms of life, and with all of the charity he has, and the strength and knowledge he's gained through experiencing our struggles, gives a huge lunge, making our burdens so much lighter! He's there! and when you start pushing, you better believe he's right next to you, pushing away as well!  He makes it light! He gives us trials, to trust in him more!!  Just keep pushing!!! :D

I got my new companion.  His name is Elder Edman.  He is from Sandy, Utah and also a zone leader.  We got along just like Peanut Butter and Jelly.
We went on an exchange, and I asked an experienced, 18 years of working at Subway,  worker to sign her name in my sandwich in chipotle.  I then gave her a card to our church. You can't end  better than that!

Ahh,  I wish I had more time.  Miracles are happening every day!!
-We talked to an investigator family, and they said that the two main differences that they see in our church, are, "The personal relationship that we have with Jesus Christ, and the light that's in our eyes and lives, as we live according to the truths that we've been given." He said that that's the reasons he invited us back to their home.
-I had the privilege of baring my testimony twice on Sunday.There was this cute little 6 year old behind me who was going to go up and gettiing ready, I turned to her and said that if she went, I'd go with her! We walked down the isle together, got to the steps, she stopped, and ran/walked back... Haha it was really sad... but good! I was writing down all the things that people were saying they were grateful for during sacrament meeting. I was able to bear a testmony through the spirit of simple gratitude and it's power.   
-Then I played the piano in the YSA branch meeting... the adventure continues!!! I

I love you all so much, and can't wait to write more next week!!!!
Love, Elder Langford

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