Monday, April 21, 2014

"Happy Easter & The Savior's Resurrection should be the center of our lives."


Hello everyone! I'm soo sorry that I need to leave so soon like this, but actually we just didn't have the time today due to some crazy circumstances. We had a YSA gathering all day and we have a dinner appointment tonight.  So the emailing time has been cut to 0.

But anyway, this week was great!

Easter was very nice.  We had dinner at the Dunn's  house. They're great people. So good. You'll have to meet them sometime soon. They're recent converts and just fantastic people.

I also got to give a talk in sacrament about the resurrection of our Savior! How great must it have been for him to be able to ascend back to his Father, whom he had just felt forsaken from, and to be able to have his own personal time with him. I can only imagine the sublime embrace they had. That's got to be on the biggest 'I did it" Moments of history. I testify that our Savior truly lived and died for us, so that we could live our lives till our death for those whom we love. Because of him, we have so many things! My companion and I were talking about how so many times in our life, as we grow and mature, we can say, "wow, the Savior really did everything..." and as our perspective and knowledge in life grows, "WOW the savior really did do EVERYTHING"... It becomes more and more visable as we continue to align our lives with him as the years go by, that truly our happiness comes from our closeness to the lights. He allows the sun to shine down, giving us the light of everyday. I love to think of the sunshine that we can have in our souls, that never has to set, that never has to dim or diminish, but simply grows and grows until we have found the 'day star' within us.  As Peter tells us in 2 Peter 1:18 or 19 or 20, just like a seed, just like a sunrise, just like that really good slow cooking crock pot on fast Sunday, as we endure this life well, we shall look towards the growth of our faith, and recognize the fruit that is truly delicious to the taste. In our imperfect state, we can easily forget how this feeling is, if we begin to partake less and less of the fruit. Never stop watering the seed, never stop feeding the fire, never stop your progression, standing more and more in the limelight of the Eternal perspective.

The more the Savior is the center & focus in your life, the more that circumstance and situational trials lose their luster and glow. I know that through the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, that we all can look at a limitless future of the eternities.

As we focus on his sacrifice for us, we can imagine how a God of love feels, using his sacrifice for others sakes in our lives, helps him feel the healing of every bruise he suffered on our behalf. He truly treaded the wine press, and will rule among the sons of man. can't wait! Yet we can, and wait we must.  With the Hope of Eternal Life, and the mansion's prepared above for those that focus on helping others get to their own.

Alright... need to take off but GREAT NEWS I love you all so much! Happy Post Easter!

Elder Langford

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