Monday, April 7, 2014

"Not Hiding my "talents" under a bushel, Baptisms coming, Great General Conference, & Serving Fellow Missionaries."

Hello everyone! So sorry, another short blog today due to a baptismal interview.

Man, The time is going way too fast... I'm trying to soak up as much time as I can before my mission is done!

We have some great investigators.  Our main investigator is doing great! She watched general conference, and is meeting with us again this week. She's committed to baptism, and has such good, real, intent. We had a great discussion as to why Nephi had to kill Laban and that was a great conversation. She's fantastic, as well as a couple more people that we plan to help make covenants by the end of this month! :)  Things are going really good!

So my mom will be proud of me.  I actually sang and played 'I Am a Child of God" for our bishop and his five daughters at his house on Sunday.  There's a small but plausible chance I maybe singing a musical number in sacrament meeting!!... Me...Haha...doing that... Weird how the mission totally takes all fear and darkness out of you like that.

So did everyone enjoy general conference!  Hard to pick out my favorite talk. Ahh, so many good ones.  First off, did you notice President  Monson looking a little sad? :/  At least a bit more burdened down? He looked a little, stressed.. I've been praying for him, He seems to be doing alright, but idk... he's probably got a lot on his plate with the work hastening... I noticed in many talks, he mentioned more times than usual, a tender mercies towards whatever he's trying to go through at this time.

Looks like it's hot down in Mexico for the family.  The weather's been off and on here. I'm a little sunburned as well, and now the pollen's hit so everything is covered in yellow, everywhere. Then it rains and it turns a little greener.  It's finally raining and chilly again. It's a good humid cold right now, but the heat's coming back...

One special experience out of the many that we have gone through this week, was after Elder Holt and my first zone conference down here.  One of the missionaries came up to me, and we went on a quick exchange as we were putting the TV away.  He told me that he'd been really touched by our teaching, and that he wanted some help.  He explained how he came out without a testimony, and had started to gain one, but never felt happy... I had such a touching talk with him about how to regain and feel the love of God. It really changed him, and I felt the spirit testify, that that was exactly what he needed! What a blessing it is to be able to assist him.  :).  Ahhh, I have to go.... so many miracles!!!!  I'll rehearse next week :) Sorry so short. 

Love you bye!!!!
Elder Langford

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