Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Elder Langford's Update:  August 13, 2012

Hey everyone,  This is Jeff's update for the week.  He included pictures but I haven't downloaded them yet so his update is shorter!  He sounds so great and is loving the work!

"Hello,  So we had some great lessons this week! We taught someone who spoke mostly French, but gave him a really good lesson! Oh first off, two awesome quotes that I've heard this week. Kinda made me laugh. Well one did, the other one kind of silenced the Sunday School class... haha someone we talked to on the street was a salvation army worker, and he went off about how people go to church and then don't do anything about it afterwards... he said "they go in their buildin's, and they get fat!!! They get fat on the word, cause they take sooo much in, and then fail to exercise their faith on it! They gettin' fat on the word!!!' hahaha I thought that was funny. I probably didn't do it near enough justice though! The  other one was in Sunday School on tithing, and he was saying sometimes we intend to pay our tithing, and then forget.... he said, "the path to HELL is paved by good intentions!!!" Pretty hard core... I think a lot more tithing came in that week. 
Again  I spent most of my email time sending a bunch of pictures home, but ah just such a good week!  One thing that really touched me, is that I was on an exchange in Hampstead, and we had taught some great lessons, and really felt the spirit in them! The elder I was with just commented on the positivity that I guess I had brought to the area, and because of that, and seeing and saying hi to him at a zone conference earliar, he stayed on the mission. Well I'm sure it was a small reason why he chose to stay, but he said he just wasn't feeling it, but now he had all intentions in staying, and that he kinda climbed a mountain there! I challenged him to read moroni 7:48 on praying for the Charity of Christ, and I told him that when he went to bed to read over that, and sincerely pray for that charity not for others, but for himself to give him a positive mindset on him mission. He did it, and I followed up with him a couple days later, and he had  great experience with it, and is just such an awesome missionary. Few times have I felt the spirit so strong then when I was  talking to him, and gave him that advice. It just hit me, and I'm not trying to say I'm what changed his mission at all, I'm just glad that I got to act as a tool in the Lord's hand not only for investigators, but for each other out here on the mission! That helps change my focus to really focus on the wellbeing of my companions as well as my investigators.  Because it's hard for all of us in our own ways, and only through the charity of Christ can we receive that fullness of help and comfort that only he provides. I just want to challenge eveyone to do the same, to take time to read that verse, and give a prayer of your own to the Lord to ask for the charity of Christ not just for others, but for yourself. I can promise by my own experience and that of others, that you really will feel the love of Christ wrap around and burn inside you. I know that he loves eaLovch one of us more than we can imagine, and that he's waiting for us to ask, so that we can receive. I love you all sooo much, and wish I could write more about the week!!!! I'll write more about it next week and try to squeeze both in!!!! Hope the pictures got through!! Until next Monday I love you! 
 Love, Elder Langford

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