Monday, August 27, 2012

Elder Langford's Update August 27, 2012

 Alright time for the blog! Seriously I don’t know where the week went… like it literally just flew by this week! Like I don’t even know where it went… I’ll try and find what happened in my planner here to spark my memory because even though the days are super long, the weeks are extremely fast! I don’t have too much time, but basically this week has been a lot of searching out people to teach, biking a lot, and a couple meetings.   Not too eventful of a week really.   One thing though that I do want to mention is the incredible studies that I’ve been having lately on the Christlike attributes. The ones that are listed in Preach my Gospel are faith in Jesus Christ, hope, charity, virtue, knowledge, humility, obedience, diligence, and patience. It’s been incredible as I’ve been studying these, because they apply to everything really. Especially out in the mission field, you really need every single one of these traits developed to a certain level for success. As I’ve been studying them, I’ve made a connection between them.  If you lack in one attribute, then all the others suffer from it. On the flip side of that, if you lack in one of the attributes, you can use all the attributes to better perfect that specific attribute that you’re working on. It’s hard to explain, but it was really intriguing to me at how much developing those, and focusing on those have helped my mission. I’ve felt that as I’ve really put forth the effort to develop, study, and pray about these different attributes,  it’s made a huge difference, and has changed my perspective so much on how I look at every situation. It’s easier to strive to become more like him, and to have his same spirit, if you study the fundamentals of his attributes.  I’ve felt so much more confidence, peace, understanding, guidance, and so many more great gifts from my Heavenly Father as I’ve tried to focus on these throughout the day.  It just heightens the moral, and invites the spirit more often and more fully!  It’s such a great feeling when you know you’re being used as a tool in the master’s hand. I’m loving the area, and I can honestly say my directional skills are improving! The mission does mighty miracles indeed! There’s also a small chance that when the president comes down to do interviews, that he may spend sometime with our companionship!!! PLUS, on that same day, we’ve scheduled an exchange, leaving me in charge of the area, without my companion, but with someone else from a different area WITH the president!!! Ahhhhh…. Haha but it’ll be a good growing experience!  I just hope I don’t get lost while contacting people with the president of the mission. Pressure’s on!! I love the mission because it never stops forcing you to grow and to reach farther and farther. It pushes you to achieve and make goals, and to put all trust in the Lord. You better believe that’s where all my trust is going tomorrow when the President comes… haha.   I love you all sooo much and have to go!!!!   Crazy how fast time’s a flyin by!!!  Love, Elder Langford

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