Monday, January 14, 2013

JANUARY 14, 2013
 Sadly, I have like two minutes to write today, but for a good cause! I found out that I'm allowed to call and talk to Kaitlyn on wednesday night to see where she's going on her mission!!!!! wooooot! So I've been typing up how that's going to work with my madre and working it out with the Mission President so now my blog time has been depleted severely.  Look up the history place in Morehead City! We did some painting and moving bookshelves there for a couple weeks, and are teaching now one of the people that work there! Woot! Um, also, we got caught on our bikes in a rainstorm, always nice to ride on a soaking wet bike ride... Yeah totally soaked! Luckily the quad was left in the apartment!
To the surprise of many I'm sure, I've decided that peach cobbler's suuuuper good! Why didn't anyone tell me it was? ;) The mission changes your LIFE.
Oh and we taught on Sunday a lesson to a former, reformed LDS church member, and answered a lot of her questions... Her husband isn't a fan of Mormons, but she's going to be :) Through her exercising of faith to the message and the spirit bearing personal witness of course! ;) Anyway sad, but this is it... pretty short blog huh? Next week will be a lot longer! I gotta write to the President and then go get my haircut! Oh PS: a general authority is coming to speak to us on Thursday, so I'm getting my hair cut today... the mini mullet is probably a bit too long... Haha I love you all soo much and will write you sooner than you know!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHERE KATIE AND KAITLYN GO!!!!!!!
Love,  Elder Langford

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