Monday, January 7, 2013

 Elder Langford's Weekly Update:
January 7, 2013
Hey everyone,

K, I've only got like ten minutes... so sad I know. But lets see... first off, Elder Moses knows a lot of good music! But to my surprise.... he didn't know who Rush was -_- I was so shocked, that I had to write about it, so there you go!
We had a wonderful zone conference on the reasons we serve being fear, duty, and love. It was a really powerful lesson on how in order to really reach our greatest potential as missionaries, we have to dig deep into the core of our desires and ambitions of why we do this work. I've really been trying to focus a lot on trying to recognize, account for, and I guess gain more charity for the work. It's been a week of some really great studies and a lot of personal revelation. It's always been apparent that God knows what he wants you to be, and when you're ready to accept that, humble yourself and follow his guidance, you further your steps and strides towards becoming your best self, and reaching your fullest potential. It's hard to look back and see how much I've changed since I've come out, and yet how much of the same I am. Ether 12:27 is very true, and I've gained such a strong testimony of the action of faith. Faith to me literally means action! If you don't act on it, than it's no more than a belief or a good idea. Faith is when the thought in your head comes, then it's pondered, examined, planned out, and then done! If there is not action, it is not complete faith. I've seen so many situations where I've just done things instead of thinking about them, or striving to do them, that have helped me grow in so many ways. It takes a humble, or a humbled heart to truly act on faith, and to slowly acquire the recognition of the spirit, as it speaks personally to you. Preparing ourselves to receive and recognize that spiritual guidance, is the prerequisite to faith, giving us knowledge on what to act on, or for. Faith in Jesus Christ allows us to physically get on our knees and repent when necessary. It allows us to grab our scriptures, open them up, and start to read. I can bare testimony that it will begin to create a desire, that will succumb others that could never bring such eternal blessings. Through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we really allow ourselves to change our natures and desires, to becoming more Christlike, more charitable, and more open to receiving our guidance on this earth to reach our full potential. Preparing to meet God is an everyday process, and it is through faith, that these desires to do so, can truly be planted, and nurtured, as we allow ourselves to aspire to higher things. Just thought I'd toss that in here...

Oh yeah and, I was having lunch a while back, and I accidentally swallowed a brussel sprout whole! Just fyi, if it's on your bucket list/to-do list, take it off. I felt sick and almost puked for the next hour! But hopefully I still received all the nutrients from it. That'd make it all worth it.

Haha and one more thing, we met a drunk guy at a store, and I gave him a pair of gloves and he was like (right next to my face, to the Less active member cashier and my companion...) “hmmmm aint he just perdy? Now I ain't callin you gay, but your just, perdy am I right? I LIVE IN THE WOODS! JESUS IS EVERYWHERE! HE LOVES ME YOU AND YOU AND EVEN YOU!” ahh man. The wonderful world of the drunken... don't think I'll ever go there. Anyway, that's all I have time for!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!   Elder Langford

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