Monday, January 28, 2013

Life Cereal Sale & Tennis: A Dangerous Sport
January 28, 2013 
Hey everyone!!

Of course as always, not a lot of time here, but man first off, right after emailing last week, there was a sale on cinnamon life at the local grocery store!! I ate that thing up as you can well imagine!!! First miracle of the week? CHECK. Also as I said before, Elder Moses and I play tennis every week with a member on Mondays, and we play a game called Austrailian Doubles. Long story short, Elder Moses, who was on the same side as Brother Crenshaw, wanted to lose on purpose for strategy. So when the ball came, he meant to just hit it out of bounds, but he turned, wacked it, and nailed Bro Crenshaw in the inner thigh!!! Hahahahaha oh man it was funny. Luckily he's a real good sport. ( and has strong legs!)

We also got to go to golden corral twice this week! Can't argue with that! It just opened down here after remodelin, and so we got to stuff ourselves twice!! Good times.

We had an experience where we helped a man dig a whole in his backyard for his dog who had passed the night before... it was around 8 in the morning, and the dog was huge... a really big St. Bernard. Even though it was just a dog, it was really close to him, and it brought us and the brother that brought us on exchange just really thinking about life and death... that's the first time I've ever buried a dead animal (unless you count my pet lizard ages ago in which I lifted up a rock in the backyard and put him under it). On the way back, I got an overwhelming feeling of joy, testifying to me of the truthfulness of the gospel, and the knowledge of the plan of salvation we have obtained from it. It's truly a feeling of comfort from the Holy Ghost to realize what our purpose really is here on earth. One thing that the brother and I came to the conclusion of really hit me. It was the fact that we are not here to let the emotions we have get the best of us, or to try to ignore and fight them, but to learn to live and have joy through them, making the best of your emotions, instead of them making the best of you. Isn't this when we truly learn things anyway? When our comfort circles of life are cracked and we realize we really can't do this on our own, and that this life is soooo small compared to our existence we Pass the test! Make the best of those emotions!

 Back to the Yost family... had a nice outing with Brother Yost... Haven't laughed that hard since I got out here! It hurt my throat a little! Never again will I look at a flamethrower from dq the same, or an Orange Julias. Good times! Had to be there!

Plus my mother would HAAAATE it out here! The humidity on the bike cuts you like a knife to the core! This is the coldest I've ever known... I'm almost... cold sometimes... hard to admit!

Well time is up way too fast today! I'll just have to say more next week! I love you all so much, and have a great February!!!! Make it count!

PS:  We just went to the beach this morning and got some great sunrise pictures on the ocean (not in)!  Forgot to mention that. That was great too! It's been so great!!! What a great week!!!! Can't wait for the next one! I love all of you! Stop growing so fast until I get back!

Love, Elder Langford

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