Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Elder Langford's New Companion!!
February 11, 2013
OOOOOOk, I got only a couple minutes here, and I didn't really write too much to home.  I was a little focused on the crazy week that just happened! But next week I'll do better. Basically, on Tuesday, I went up to Raleigh to drop off Elder Moses, and to pick up Elder Packard!!!! he's a newbie from West Haven, Utah! He's fantastic!!! He's got so much enthusiasm and is just ready to go out and preach the gospel! I hope he never loses this greeny spirit he has.... so much green power... he's like Green Lanturn!  So things have been going really well being a district leader! The Lord TRULY carries you... I've felt I've grown so much in this last week, and it is through the guidance and direction of the spirit that I've been able to do all that I'm supposed to as a district leader. I've gained such a strong testimony of teaching by the spirit, learning by the spirit, and just living by the spirit. It's incredible how when you really put your personal feelings and desires away, and really let your purpose become the same as the spirit, you're able to testify and say the things that you can know with a surety Jesus Christ himself would say if he were there. I've come to realize how truly dependent I am on the Lord, and how humility is so key to being able to have confidence and power in the work. It's ironic how humility, submitting our self to the Lord, allows us to become the people he wants us to be, and to access, as he directs, the powers of heaven necessary for your investigators. WHEW! The mission changes you! Haha it's great! It's been such a faithful week of focusing on just following the spirit's guidance, as to where it wants us to go, what it wants us to do, and what to say. Being responsible for the growth and uplifting of my district has brought me to a higher level of love and care for these missionaries. I'm striving to be in tune with the spirit as much as I can, so that I can help them with exactly what God wants for them, and that together we can all reach the potential for our areas, and the personal achievements that only through the lord we can obtain... I know that I'm definitely not perfect, and it seems that as I try harder to be better, sometimes the things that I truly stumble with come out more in view. It's been such a blessing to see how through my weaknesses I have been made strong. This is a pretty long paragraph. I'll definitely have more specifics on the going ons in the area next week, but basically, things are going fantastic :) As long as the spirit is able to dwell, then no matter what hardship or trial I have to suffer, I can press forward with a perfect brightness of hope. The reminder of the eternal perspective from the Holy Ghost can shatter the frailties of our temporal discomforts! So strive to keep the Holy Ghost in your life to guide you, because it is through him that we shall have a brightness of hope, helping direct our faith (actions) in Jesus Christ. Ahh I have one minute left but I just thought I'd say this because it made an impact on me.
Having faith in Jesus Christ means basically three things.

1. You know he's the literal son of god and the savior of mankind.
2. You recognize and realize the necessity of following his gospel
3.  You trust in his promises and all the blessings he gives us.

Ask yourself then, if you knew without a doubt these things were all true, how would you change your actions in everyday life? Food for thought! That's what faith is! How we change actions according to the knowledge we have of these things!

Gotta go love you all!!! Byyyeeeeeeee

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