Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013 
Hey everyone,
Okay.... so I forgot my other planner, my old planner, that had all the stuff I wanted to write down to you... hmmm.... well... there's some new news I guess this week. First off, ah man I really can't remember too much... It's been a really good week!  We've been able to talk to a lot of people and a lot of members, and have developed a lot more friendships!  An investigator, after some further discussion of some points, is ready for baptism! She should be getting baptized in the next two to three weeks here! She's been a great miracle! At first she said she really wasn't too interested, but she actually came to church to check it out, and absolutely loved it! We've been teaching her for a while now, and she's so ready to be baptized! We're extremely happy for her!

So another little tid bit, Elder Moses and I were making some phone calls, and had a little talk, and decided that probably the hardest job in the mission field, would be to be a district leader, and a trainer to a new missionary at the same time. My first companion was the district leader, and my district leader now was doing the same thing. Sounds like a crazy idea right? So last Thursday around 9:40, I got a little call from the President, telling me that HE WANTED ME TO TRAIN AGAIN AND BE THE DISTRICT LEADER OF THE AREA!!!!! I told him he had the wrong number. Haha not really, but I said something out of pure shock that I don't even remember... so yeah as of tomorrow, I'm going up to Raleigh to probably get a possible (probable) 18 year old missionary, and then conducting a district meeting on Wednesday! Ooooh man... now it's a party! So we'll see how that goes... It's definitely a push of responsibility. Hope fully the area doesn't burn down to the ground :D we'll see what happens! Anyway it's been quite a shock, and will soon turn into a reality! Haha a prayer or two this way is always acceptable :) I'm grateful that the Lord trusts me enough to become a minister to these great missionaries in this area ( half of them got transferred so I'm just banking on the other half being good as well... -_-). Becoming district leader while training's a pretty big mantle, but I know that the way (and the only way ) that this is going to work is through faith in the Savior. I know I'm going to grow (some white hairs) faster than I ever have, and that somehow this will make time go by even faster than it did before. I'm grateful for the chance to serve as the district leader for the Harker's island, Havelock, and Morehead city. It'll be neat to get to go to the island now for exchanges! So that's probably the big thing, oh and we got golden corral again. Goood stuff ;) I love you alll sooooo much!!!!!! Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we go!!!!!!! I gotta get up to leave at four thirty tomorrow for Raleigh... I may just sleep in my church clothes... haha Love you again!!!! Take care! Stay active (this church ROCKS)!!!

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