Monday, March 4, 2013

Baptism Saturday & "Every Member A Missionary
Elder Langford's Update, Monday, March 4, 2013
Hey everyone,
Blog time!!! I have quite the hefty list! Hopefully I can prioritize the points that I should address the most!  Hererere goes!
Soooo, on the way back from teaching someone who was a less active about coming back to church, we were pretty bold! She basically was going back and forth between our church and another church that she had grown fond of.  We basically told her that her church wasn't a bad church or a bad place, but in a good, better, best sense, she could and knows what the best is.  The way for her to decide which church she felt was the right one to go to was to read and pray about the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart and real intent, so that she could know which church was right for her to join. As we were driving home from the lesson, we saw a really bad accident, head on collision, with the 'jaws of life' being pulled out and everything... and I thought, that's why we teach the gospel... again when the comfortable parts of our lives slip away, and we come to a re-realization of how REAL death is, and how present and temporal this life is.  What a blessing we have to know what we have to do to take all fear away from that situation, as did the people of Ammon in Alma 24. So that happened and pretty intense thoughts there.

We found a nice, new, miracle investigator!  We had a plan to go and visit a less active that we had seen and talked to on the street on our way home from biking. We got there, and he wasn't there. We called him and he said he forgot he had something and didn't have our number. So we made some backup plans which happened to be finding some potential investigators in the same complex he lived in. As that came to no avail, we were on our way to leaving, and there was just oneeee more door on the left side, and we just said, ah lets go back and knock on it. Why not?  That's why we're here anyway right? So we knocked, and in a summed up way, asked him if he wanted to hear a message about Jesus Christ.  He said yes and let us in! Haha!!  So we talked to him for a while, bore testimony of the Book of Mormon, and asked what his hopes and desires were. He said that his main hope in this life was to get back to heaven. If felt so good to be able to testify to him that we KNOW that the things that we teach; the gospel of Jesus Christ, are the things that we have to do in order to receive all the blessings of the celestial kingdom!  :) (We didn't say celestial kingdom, he wasn't ready for that!). But yeah we talked to him, and he said he wanted and was ready to read and pray about the Book of Mormon to find for himself if it was the true word of God. Pretty neat!

We also had a baptism this past Saturday for Maggie. It went extremely well, and I had the humble pleasure of being able to baptize her.   She's been a miracle and is definitely elect and converted to the Gospel. It's interesting to see how the Gospel really is the same thing that was taught to the Jews through the law of Moses. My testimony has grown from being able to teach and see her Jewish traditions!  It's a shame she is moving to Dallas in a week,  but is excited to attend the temple down there!! We'll keep in touch!! She's a great woman!!! Great sister of the church! 

We also had a mission wide fast, for finding and helping the elect receive the gospel and helping the members to become more effective missionaries. The very next day at church, we saw sooo many miracles! So many people came up to us with referrals, and an investigator set a baptismal date!  Ohhh yeah!!! Plus we got to teach a Sunday School lesson about being a better member missionary, and I got to be King Benjamin for the sunbeams! Can't beat that!  Plus our amazing elder's quorum president, Brother Crenshaw, bore such a powerful testimony in elder's quorum of just everyday being a member missionary and never missing a chance to serve the Lord and share his Gospel! He also confirmed Maggie in sacrament meeting. He's been such a great help to us, and he is the humblest guy.  (Maybe a little proud of his tennis!) :)  He's fantastic and has helped us through almost everything!!!!

Well, gotta go!  Time just got lost there!!! I love you all!!!! Keep everyone  in your prayers, and pray always so the lord will consecrate everything you do for your benefit :) Remember that!   I love yah!  Love, Elder Langford

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