Wednesday, March 27, 2013

 Busy Sunday & Time to Catch A Rat!!
 Elder Langford's Update: Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Hey everyone!
Sorry I'm late... my bad. Funny little starter story... the family we're living with has a little bas
ketball standard that's connected to their roof, and it's really old, homemade, and ready to fall off... So Elder Packard wanted to show off for the cousins coming over that day, and he was going to dunk it in there, and as he was doing it I muttered under my breath, ha maybe he shouldn't do that because he's going to break it.... HE DID! It came off the roof, scratched the paint of a car, and almost landed on a kid!!!! Hahahaha oh man... so the mission President called, because I guess Elder Packard told his parents, who called the mission Pres to pay for damages, who called Elder Packard and had a little talk with him ;) oh man... Funnnnnny!
On a more spiritual side, earlier last week, we had a great lesson on the importance of general conference, and how they literally pray and fast for hours, trying to recognize what the spirit wants them to say, and how as we pray for the things we need and would really need some help getting answers to, we can literally know for a surety that those prayers sent to God are going to be answered by those who are praying fervently to know his will and what his people need to hear the most. So if you've got some questions, have some faith in general conference! Because they're ready to share some knowledge and answers with yah!
Oh yeah, part way through last week, I woke up around 4 am and had a nice little puke in the toilet -_- that was also the day of the district meeting, and all I could put down was apple sauce, which only stayed in me for a good 45 minutes.  So I ended up doing the district meeting anyway, and asked for a priesthood blessing from the elders in the district right after wards. They said that I would be healed, and that the sickness would pass, as I continually read my scriptures, and remained as diligent as possible through it. As soon as we got home for lunch, you bet I cracked that Book of Mormon open! I read that, and slept for the rest of lunch. Of course that day, we had a good 3-4 hours of yard work scheduled, but I pushed through it, and honestly, I felt a lot better the next day! I can testify that having faith is showing and acting on what we're told to do to be healed. It was definitely a miracle and I feel fine now! Feels good to be eating again!
We also had our temple trip which was great! I had questions about the spirit world, and even before we went in, someone came up and talked with me and just started saying that he knew me before from somewhere, and that I was going to reach my prime as a missionary coming up very quickly, and that I was a very faithful and diligent missionary... Hahah I've never met this guy before! So that was really interesting!! Kind of neat though, and comforting words to hear as you can assume a district leader likes to hear that he's actually helping the missionaries in his district.
Whew!! Sunday!!! Was crazy!!! So the preface of the day, Elder Packard woke up feeling pretty sick... We had early morning meetings, talks to give in sacrament meeting, a confirmation to do, and investigators to pick up, whose original ride had left the day before to go on a trip.. So in the early meeting, we were just thinking about them and how we really needed to get a hold of them... They wouldn't answer their phone, so like a half hour before church started, we went to go pick up a mini van with a member, to get these people to church! We got there, and they weren't ready... so we waited for them to get ready, and by the time we got back there, we literally walked in the door, the bread came just as we came, and after the sacrament, we walked in the chapel, they announced that they'd be doing the confirmation.  So we went up and did that, went straight to the stand, and gave talks.... man... what a day.... it's never a day of rest for the missionaries, tell you what!! But it was good and a lot of miracles came from it!!
Ah man. To finish this email, we saw a giant RAT in our apartment... We haven't seen it since, and are deciding to invest in a giant mouse trap... cause it's HUGE.... Anyway, sorry again I was late with the blog, but hey, have faith that through our Savior, we can do hard things!!! :D Trust in him and his commandments, and remember that every commandment is made to give us blessings as we follow it. They are literally the guidelines towards a happy life! So why not? I love you alll!!!!! Next week should be a Monday email!!!
Love, Elder Langford

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