Monday, March 18, 2013

 Maraschino Cherry Ice Cream on the Beach & Goal Setting for Eternity!
Elder Jeffrey Langford's Update: March 18, 2013
I was so bad this week... I didn't write down anything to send.... but a lot happened, so I'll do my best to explain it all and get it in!

Tennis was fun today! The bishop was getting after me for the backspin ;) heh heh. Well, in this week as you know, 4 more sisters came into the district, so it's been a little busy getting them in and situated, but they've been doing really good and have opened up the area like it was nothing! The members have taken them in very quickly and they've been wrapped up in all the sisters of the ward's arms. There goes allllll of our meal appointments ;) haha just kidding.... hopefully. They've already found an investigator, and have really caught fire!!!  Both of the companionships are training 19 yr. Old sisters! Crazzzzy.

I got to go to Harker's Island on an exchange this week as well. That's such a small, little out there on it's own, by itself,  island!! The members there are almost all related... it's crazy! It's beautiful though, and we had a dinner at a member's house right on the beach, watching the sun set on the sound, eating maraschino cherry ice cream! We got a little spoiled to say the least!

I don't know if I've talked much about Brother King, but he's this amazing member that is the perfect example of who I want to be when I'm an older man. Hahahaha he's the funniest and most humble/ready to serve man we know! He gave us both these army jackets and these big trench coats that make me feel like I'm in "Law and Order!  Anyway, I need to send a picture home of Brother King, he's incredible.

We've also been teaching this lady for a while that's had some health problems. She's the one that's a member formerly of the reformed LDS church, and she's getting baptized on Saturday! Elder Packard is baptizing her! It's been a great success in this area these last couple weeks, and we're seeing a lot of fruits for our efforts right now.

This week I also finished the Book of Mormon challenge finally! The President gave us a challenge to read the whole Book of Mormon, and to mark every time Jesus Christ is mentioned, when he speaks, his attributes, his doctrine, and calls to repentance. Finally done with that! That felt good to finally finish! I've got to say too that the Book of Mormon is something that I sadly think a lot of us really take for granted... I was studying in it today and just thought of the differences of physical strength, mental strength, and spiritual strength, and how we're able to notice when they're strong, and when they're weak. It makes a huge difference spiritually when you read the Book of Mormon, pondering a question through thoughtful prayer. I can honestly say in the days I have and in the days I haven't, there has been a very apparent difference in everything I do that day. Perhaps not the things I do, but just the perspective and my take on things. We always hope for better, and in a sense, always hope for eternal Life! But, sometimes that's where it stays, as just a hope... hope is great, but without faith, that hope is not fulfilled. It must be acted upon. When in Harker's Island, we talked a lot about how setting goals before you plan is so important, and how they shouldn't just be indicators of how the day went, but faithful pushes, as to what you want to actually see from your day. Something great that I gathered from that, is the power of not just goal setting, but sub-goal setting. If for example, you have a goal of finding a new investigator tomorrow, that's great! How are you going to measure that? How are you going to find that? We talked about how you can set a goal that is more measurable, but within accomplishing the same purpose. For example, a number of doors to knock, people to actually talk to, areas where you won't leave until you've prayerfully decided you've done purpose in them, and so on. Everything we do is a plan to accomplish some sort of goal, be it the actually goal, or a sub-goal to accomplish it. The reason we have #'s in the mission field is to have ambitious driven sub-goals, in order to bring about the bigger picture, of bringing people to Christ, through the reception of the Holy Ghost. Even our purpose on earth! Our purpose on earth is to Live the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that we can obtain the mercy offered through the atonement to pay for our sins. Obviously you can't just walk out the door saying “hmmm I'm gonna give this a shot today!” but it takes sub-goals of reading, praying daily, church attendance, renewing of promises we make to truly live the gospel, and things such as that. Think about some thing in your life that you struggle at. No matter what it is, through setting smaller, measurable goals, you can obtain whatever you're trying to get at! Accounting daily with yourself, and finding measurable sub-goals for our specific needs, is how we focus on the goal of showing faith, which leads to repentance, and to a renewal of our goals set at baptism.  This accomplishes the goal of having the Holy Ghost, which, overall, if we choose to follow it's promptings, keeps us pressing steadfastly towards Christ, holding firm to the Iron Rod, which in the end, allows us the ultimate goal of Eternal life. So it starts with recognizing whatever thing you'd like to change, and then setting even the smallest reachable goals to make it better, measuring them daily, and progressively setting higher and higher goals, until you've reached your desired outcome! Haha sorry rant, but that's been the thought process that's been going through my mind lately.

Lots of miracles are heading our way!!! All through the spirit of the Lord!!! God bless you all, and keep trying your best to become your best, every day because that's how it starts! Today! Not tomorrow, there's countless tomorrows, but there will always be only one today!! So.... use it!   LOVE YOU!!!!!   Love, Elder Langford

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