Monday, April 22, 2013

Fayetteville, NC has a new District Leader!!
Elder Langford's Update: April 22, 2013 
Hey everyone!
Alright! I brought my planner! Well, I might as well start with the biggest news... so on Wednesday the President and the senior missionary couples were having a little meeting at the Morehead ward building, and we had to get it all set-up for them. As we were leaving, President called me in (transfers were coming up) and he said “well elder, I might as well just talk to you now and save us the phone call” so he told me that I was being transferred to Fayetteville to be a district leader on Tuesday! Man... every single person that I've talked to is telling me all the stories of Fayetteville ;)  It's a big city, it's one of the hottest in the state, it's right next to the army base. Long story short, one of the missionaries in the area next to us is becoming the assistant, so we had to go be in his area with his companion so he wasn't alone, and since Stake Conference was in their area, I just left right after that. Not a lot of good-byes, but honestly if I were to go back to an area after the mission, it'd be that one. A member already told me 14 months later when I get off that he'd have a room, car, and food for me, and all that I had to do was get here with my family, wife or what not! Haha so I'm definitely going to go back and say hi after the mission.

Oh and the Yost family, they're fantastic. They'll definitely be missed A LOT. FLAMETHROWER BURGERS :B Haha there's the blog entry ;) Thanks again for all you did!/do!

Elder Packard and I are sad to part ways, but we've really learned a lot from each other. He's one of those go-getters, who's pretty much been successful in everything he's ever done, and he's done, pretty much everything... so I've been able to learn a lot of priceless fundamentals from him and from increased work/success in our area, as to how to generally be more successful and confident in everything that you do. It's been a real blessing to be companions with him, and I know that he'll keep this area alive and well! He converted to sub zero showers... every morning.  I now take a freezing cold shower, and it's great! Literally it's night and day difference. I would encourage all of you, to take the chance, turn the cold nozzle instead of the hot, and after your shower, you'll feel so good ;) Just a thought!

We also had an incredible stake conference. Elder Richard G. Scott's Brother is the Temple President of  Raleigh, and he gave an outstanding talk on the power of temples, and how we really need to take our covenants seriously, and get there as much as possible and asap. He's got a pretty great family. And they look a lot alike too! I try to take a little moment and ponder in these blogs, as to what needs to be heard. Obviously sometimes I just spurt out a lot of what's on the mind and the goings on, but I try to take a legit minute in thinking what needs to be heard and sent home from me. I've heard that one or two people read it, so I try and make it interesting!
If you haven't already been converted to setting goals, There's never a better time to start becoming so than now :) One of the biggest things I've learned is goal setting. Think about this perspective for a moment. We are measured by the effectiveness of our agency into the changing of our character towards becoming more Godlike.
With that being said, we are not measured by the quantity of things we do. Quantity is important no doubt, but it is only essential, as to when it becomes a greater means for quality things. You can prepare to run a race by taking 12 hours a day, walking around the neighborhood, or stretching your legs. But if the quality level of your time is small, or less of a focus, the power of quantity is diminished. We are literally measured by the amount of quality time we use, in following the promptings of the spirit. That's how we prepare for all the trials of any day in any scenario, is making ourselves worthy of that quality time and knowledge we gain, as we seek to be guided by the spirit. The way that we are tested on how well we've used this agency in our time on earth, is by the temperance of our character. How much pressure, temptation and fiery darts can your character take, before it shatters to it's natural ways of the world? How much temperance have you built up through quality time influenced by the spirit of the Lord? The amount of quality time we spend in the will of the Lord, will be a direct correlation to the temperance and resistance we can have against Satan and all of his tools. It is literally the way, we can build the faithful foundation upon Christ. Logically speaking, if we do the will of the one who's main purpose is to protect and prepare us for eternal life and choose to follow his counsel in times of hardship, we'll always be protected from anything! He offers the armor everyday. Do we choose to wear it in times of trial, or fight life with the vulnerability that pride and fear bring upon us? Put on the armor daily, and strive to prioritize your time to the Lord's schedule he has planned for you, and you shall never fall :) I love you all soooo very much, and pray for you success in your endeavors. As they say in Harker's Island, BLESS HEART! (with a real thick accent, so it's like, blaze hart! Try it ;))

Take care! Love yah!  Elder Langford

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