Monday, April 8, 2013

 Happy April 1st & Wisdom From the Lion King
Elder Langford's Update: April 1, 2013
Things are going SOOOO GREAT right now!!  We've got a baptism next week, and then one the week right after that! We've seen the most baptisms in this zone, than ever before in this mission's history!! Miracles have definitely come from the hastening of the missionary work, and the members have been giving us good referrals left and right to teach!!  We've been truly blessed of the Lord and We're trying our best to stay humble!  We always go out and really try to find new investigators, even though we have been given many at this point! We're stayin busy and we're stayin fit! The sisters had the car this week, and we biked allll weeeeek long!!!  I'm feeling the burn!!  Biking against the wind truly builds those legs up! The jeans I brought to do service in are getting smaller and smaller, but in a good way ;)
We were really blessed to find 4 new investigators this week!   Not only that, but we got to eat a real seafood meal!  I had the privilege of eating a raw oyster.... He literally popped it open with  a knife and gave it to me... I asked him if it was still alive and he said “well, yeah...” UGH.... I ate it, but it literally tasted like a salty Lugi going down my throat... They were a lot better cooked on the grill... a little bit more chewy ;)  Also we had clams, which are DELICIOUS, and really big shrimp, which are also pretty good! So I can say now, that I don't really mind seafood! I think it's pretty good! I'm not afraid to go to Red Lobster when I get back! I might actually give it a try someday!

Ok I don't have too much time left, but something to share, particularly to all those almost missionaries, is the power that you have as a missionary, and the knowledge that the adversary has of that power.  I remember having a day on the mission, where I felt like nothing.. I felt like I wasn't even doing anything, that my companion was doing everything and could by himself, that  I wasn't doing a good enough Job as a district leader, that I wasn't' fullfilling my purpose, and most importantly, I didn't feel the spirit at all... I felt doubt, fear, discouragement, and apathy for everything.... It was a really bad feeling! I felt like I really wasn't doing much! I finally just knelt down and prayed just pouring out a prayer to my father saying what am I doing wrong? Why Is this happening? I felt the impression that it was time to show faith. To show action and effort, beyond what I felt I could do... as I stepped out, and look outward, serving others as much as I could, and putting forth my full effort and concentration on the work, It all left. All of the doubt, discouragement, and fear were  instantly gone. I later was reading a talk on how one of Satan's biggest tools, is to make us feel as if we were not children on God, as if we were not the offspring of an all powerful being, and didn't posess inside of us the potential to grow and become as he is. Shake it off!! If you're ever feeling down, or worthless, or that you can't do it, That is the adversary directly clouding your vision, and trying to make you forget who you really are. Remember this at all times. That you are literally a child of God, and that with that truth, You have the potential to inherit all that he has, and to become all that he becomes. The way that you begin to become more like your Father in Heaven, is by the everyday steps of faith, the everyday steps of effort on your part. God will never do something for us that we cannot do for ourselves. He requires our agency. It is a gift that we've been given to choose for ourselves if we want to become our potential. When those feelings come, in no matter what scenario you are in, remember who you are! IN the Lion king, (can't beat the Lion King), When Simba's feeling that he has no future, no potential, and that he's just meant to be down trodden and stuck in this point of limbo for the rest of his life, He gets a quick awakening looking into his own reflection, and seeing that he is more, than he has become. His potential is bigger than he imagined... He lives in you!!! Never deny the Godliness inside of you! Act everyday faithfully to combat the fiery arrows of the adversary, and Please, never forget who you really are. This life is a THREAD in our existance, yet It's impact and importance is severe to our eternal life. The Perspective of eternal life, that we're able to receive, comes from the Holy Ghost. It is literally a foretaste of Eternal Life, and can change our views on ourselves, the World, and God. I love you all so, so much, and want you to know of your divine potential Heavenly Father has in all of you. It's real. HE'S real. This is alllll real, and the sooner that we're able to keep that perspective in our heads more frequently the better. Jesus Christ did, and that is why He found the faith to suffer for every single one of us. He believed in YOU. He believed in your POTENTIAL. It is never too late to accept your eternal glory, and to live the gospel of Jesus Christ today. The blood of the savior was spilt, for our chance of the fulness of joy, and to become as He is. (3nephi28:10). So use His atonement wisely in your life, and apply it every single day!! 
HAPPY EASTER :D it's a pretty big deal :)
 LOVE you all!!!  
Elder Langford 

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