Monday, April 15, 2013

Good-bye Mr. Rat & Beware of Tunnel Vision
Update from Elder Langford: April 15, 2013
Hey everyone,
What a great week! And a long one too... Elder Packard and myself have been very blessed in this area, and have been humbled by the work of God that is being hastened in the mission field! We were able to have another baptism this week for an 11 year old whose parents were less actives that we got sent to see by the Bishop, and it was a really good program! We sang the hymns in Spanish, the first speaker gave his whole talk on baptism, and when Elder Packard baptized him, he came and said “that was AWESOME!” That's been a good laugh for a while.

We also... caught a rat!!! We've been hearing noises for a while, but finally, our electric mouse trap box thing worked!!! As we were sleeping, we heard, Zaaaaap Zaaaap. Haha! and we went over, and sure enough, a little tail was poking out of the box!! Crazy! That Rat's been running ramp-id for too long!

We had a really good miracle with one of our ward members. He really caught the fire on missionary work, and sent us over to his uncle's house. He used to be a baptist preacher, but he really loved the message of the restoration, and he committed to being baptized once he learned more about the Book of Mormon! He was able to come to church this Sunday and he really enjoyed it! It's great to see how God works and changes people, making them ready and willing to accept the message of the gospel.

Ok I admit it... We went out on an exchange to go see an investigator (who also said he's going to be baptized :D) and on the way back his car broke down... and in his car, I left my planner....I don't know
how it happened.... so all the things that I had to be written down today are sitting in there!! We even called him and went by his house this morning to grab it, he wasn't there His son was, but he wouldn't wake up to answer the door -_-... so I believe that there's something else that needs to be said instead... something that someone needs to hear, that wasn't in there to write down...

Oh yeah! Last Thursday was the big missionary gathering of 2 zones (about 40 missionaries) and we had our annual activity day with capture the flag ultimate Frisbee, and soccer. We wanted our district to match, so we all bought these shirts at Wal-mart with a really big pug face on them... Hahaha it was so funny showing up together. Funny pictures there. I used up every ounce of my energy that day...  I was literally towards the point of dying the rest of the week, and could barely get through all the biking and the walking that we ironically had to do for the rest of that week. We worked our very hardest this week, and the Lord saw fit to bless us with a lot of success!

Something interesting that I've seen lately, that's really dangerous and good to stay away from, is Satan's tool of giving us an even more limited version of 'tunnel vision' than we already have... If we were able to have a perfect perspective of the way that this life is laid out, and the reasons why we're here and the things that we're supposed to be doing, think how much differently we'd act and how changed our natures would be! The amount of perspective that we have, is the amount of light we posses. The amount of Hope we have. If we have very little hope in anything, and always feel down trodden and discouraged, we constantly feel that all we can see, is an inch ahead of us, and that we're never going to be able to make it anywhere in our lives. We've been promised, that as We follow our Savior's commandments, we shall receive blessings and increased happiness. It is by obeying and striving to live by these commandments, that we gain more and more light and change the perspective we are under. The atonement has made it possible, in this darkened state we're in, to access the light of Christ, and to open up our eyes to the potential that we posses. As are so many things in life. It's our choice to do so. It's through our agency, that we choose to strive for more light, or to be comfortable in the darkness we are in. Satan tries so hard to keep us complacent in the state of vision we are in, because of his knowledge of the Potential of hope we posses to inherit our eternal reward. It is so easy on the mission to feel like you are not doing your best, that you are not progressing at the right rate, or that you've stopped and have been satisfied in your darkness. Pushing through those feelings requires a daily effort of meaningful prayer and scripture study. The increase of faith. Faith is the force that we have to show, in order to charge up that light that we're offered. Faith is the battery to our light in the darkness. If we want to really see more, better understand ourselves, and take on a more perfect brightness of hope, we must show that we want it! Believe in Jesus Christ, for he is the light of the world, and there is no darkness thick enough that his perfect love cannot penetrate. He can change us. He can not only show us the way, but more importantly sometimes, he can give us the desire and ambition we need, to WANT to be shown the way, to have that actually be our main focus. It's funny how sometimes when you're struggling with something yourself, and then you write it out, and you begin to answer your own questions... I'm glad that I forgot my planner and was able to write this out! If no one else needed it, at least I did ;) Haha it's always a good reminder!! Please, please, please, remember how much your Heavenly Father and your Savior Jesus Christ love you. If you do not have the desire now to become the best person you can be, and to progress in your conversion to the gospel, that's always a good thing to start praying for :) One of the biggest changes that repentance gives, is the ability to change our perspectives. The world my not change, your life may not change, things may even get worse, but in your perspective, in your light, in your heart, you will have peace from the comforter, for his peace, is not peace of the world, but the for taste, and reminder to you, what the everlasting perspective is like. He is the light of the world, and in the darkened state we live in, we need his help everyday, to lighten our perspective to the hope we have of eternal progression :) I love you all so much!!! and I'm gluing my planner to my forehead next week!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!  Elder Langford

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