Whew k... what a week. Great stuff to spill out here... Lets hope I can get this all out of the bag!

First off, it's great to see Sister Langford, Sister Olsen, and Sister Kirkham out in the MTC! Sounds like they're enjoying it, and I know that they'll be great missionaries that will set the bars high for their  companions! As a trainer, those are the missionaries you love to work with because you can tell they have really strong desires to serve, they love the work, and they're ready to learn!! It's going to be great for them I can already tell! I'm sure I'll be able to learn a lot from them as they progress out here! GET ON THE BIKES AND RIDE!! 

I don't know what's been going on these last two weeks... but my zipper's been down all the time, and my companion's don't love me enough to always tell me... -_-. it's a work in progress. Transfer meeting was great! I got to see Good ol' Elder Packard! My boy's growing up so fast :D he's doing great, and now leaving Morehead City. He said that they found some rats in their wash a couple days a go... dead ones... they've had some success with the rat traps down there, catching they said around 7... haha so sounds like they've been having good times in Morehead. Plus, an investigator we've been working on for a while down there, finally got baptized! It was so great to hear about!! He'd been taught since before I got to Morehead almost six months ago! Everyone goes at their own pace :) 

We had two great miracles! This one was so spiritual and powerful to me... We went to go visit Sandy L., an investigator that we had a great first lesson with but we haven't been able to see for a while, and we'd felt prompted to talk to her about baptism, and helping her set the expectations to help her prepare for that day. When we got there, one of the first things she said to us was "the spirit told me that today you were going to ask me to make a covenant." It was extremely powerful. She's been going through a lot of hard times, and she's been able to recognize at a very real level Satan working against her to have the missionaries coming back over. She said that she'll believe in Joseph Smith and what he saw, and the prophet today, she'll believe it all and believes it's true, because of the peace, the spirit, and the comfort she feels in her heart, as we come by and start talking about the gospel.  :) It was a very humbling experience for me to see how she was able to recognize the influence of the Holy Ghost as we came and talked to her. She knows that this church is true, and she's preparing for baptism. It was such a tender moment. We left her with a blessing, and blessed her house as well. I have such a strong testimony in studying and basing our mission off of the success of others coming to Christ. We can't ever be successful on our mission if we think of our self. I've come to recognize that I'm a pretty prideful person in a lot of ways! There's a lot that I'm striving to change to become more selfless like the Savior. 
Those tender moments when we feel the Holy Ghost, and remember for that hopeful moment the blessings that are in store as we keep the commandments, help us to stay strong in our faith, and re-amp us to get out there and do our best!

This has been a crazy week getting a new companion fresh out of the MTC! The mission also split and we saw a lot of people go to the other mission. Elder Adams who came out with me and went to school with me got transferred out there, but hey I'll see him in a year anyway -_-. My new companion, has been a great opportunity for me to learn what faith really means to me, and what it means to develop charity :D This has been the hardest and most trying week of my mission I feel, in just learning how to become more Christlike, but I want to leave you with something that I've learned more strongly this week than I have in the past. It's something that I feel I'll have the blessing to learn again and again in my life: The simple, straight and narrow path of the gospel, WORKS. As we put aside all our pride, our doubts, our trials and tribulations, and lay them at the Savior's feet, he will deliver us from them. He has POWER to save. believe in him! Take your covenants seriously, and the peace, no matter how hard you feel it is for you to personally reach, it's real. It's right there, and it's for all of us to partake of. It makes delicious lemonade no matter what you throw in the blender ;) Ahhh time is up... I love and pray for y'all!  Don't ever lose hope  in the life you can inherit! Take time to recognize his hand more in your life! One of our investigators said it profoundly. "Humility, is manifest by our ability to recognize the blessings in our life!"  Remember this, GOD HAS NEVER MADE A MISTAKE. Gotta go!!!!! With love and appreciation I say, bye.
Love, Elder Langford

PS: Hump's coming up! Crazy..... love yah!!