Monday, August 5, 2013

Be grateful, See the Light & Don't Run Into Mailboxes!!

Hey everyone,
Ok computer's going off in five minutes here! I've  got to put the pedal to the medal! So this week I was moved into the Mebane area, a bit closer to Raleigh, and wow is it beautiful!   It reminds me a bit of Michigan! (the little piece I hang onto back there somewhere)!  

I just got a 30 min. extension on the computer, so this will be a bit easier now ;)
So the Manpurse comments have died down, I've found it very effective on the bike to let it just bounce around behind me... hope fully this will be a good workout!
Before I left Fayettville, we had a lesson with Patrick, one of our investigators. He's doing so good and progressing well right now! We taught him the Word of Wisdom, and had the lesson over at some senior missionaries' home. The spirit was defintiely there, and it was a great moment, when we were able to talk about how the word of wisdom allows us to be more open spiritually. We related a time back to when he was able to receive revelation, and helped him recognize it. It's been great watching him grow, and I know he's going to make a good member down there in Fayetteville!
We, have recently been asked to use the pamphlets with pictures that the missionaries always hand out to people. It turns out, that even as we get older, the reality of it is, if there's pictures in the book, then we're more likely to listen and apply some understanding ;)   We had a great porch lesson trying it out, and it was really neat to see as she turned the pages, how we were able to share the lesson with her step by step. It's a great way to share gospel truths! 
There was a great miracle that we had happen on that same day. We'd been biking for quite a long time, without too much success on meeting too many people. We were heading back to get picked up for dinner, and we saw this woman on her porch. we talked to her for a second and actually found out that her grandma, and son were both members! She said she wasn't too interested, but yet continued to talk and had us stand there... as we did, we asked if there was anything specific that we could pray about, and she mentioned just finding God in her life. We opened up that can of worms a bit more, and talked to her and her son. She was able to pray with her son, and they had a touching moment of the spirit :)   It was a great bonding moment for them :)  Great  to be a part of it and watch. They said that they'd read at least once or twice a week together, and I hope that things work out well for her in Fayetteville! (Then we had some Thai food that was extremely hot (not too hot), but very delicious! it made for a good lunch the next day as well :)
We found a great insight before leaving Fayetteville about light. about what light really is, and how it's a truly discernable understanding. If the eye is the light of the body, then if the eye be single, the whole body will be full of light. Christ promises us, that if our eye is single to the glory of God, that we will be able to have all understanding :)   Sometimes  we put shards of glass in the way of focusing upon the gospel, and keeping the commandments such as pride, selfishness, or vain desires. The light comes from our hearts, enlightens our minds, and inspires us to be better and follow his will :) Tje less we reflect back onto ourselves, the more of the world we're truly able to see and understand :)   So let the light shine! Turn  it on so you don't stub your toe as much!   It hurts pretty bad!
It hurts,  just like when someone falls off of a bike! There was a day where I remember three things happened...
1. Fell  off my bike by hitting a mailbox ( out of nowhere )!
2. We talked to a lady who was really kind and mentioned at the end that she'd love to have us over for dinner sometime, that she was just the neighborhood's  friendly athiest! I didn't know what to say! haha
3. I saw a firefly as we were out and about. That was a great finish to the day!
One  more thing, on Saturday, we were able to help a part member family place tin on their roof! That was fun! I've never drilled so many screws in!  Come to think of it, it reminds me of our trip down to Mexico. They were very kind and provided delicious lasagna and cheese bread! We got about half of it done and we're going to start on the second half next week. The pouring rain took over the remainder of the project, but we got a lot done!
I had a great study on it a couple days ago that helped me to feel the spirit. There are so many great things to be thankful for in this world! Let us not forget on a daily basis to not only look at what we have, but how much work so many people in the years past have put into making most of the things that we have now. We have so many things and ways to express our gratitude! Even finding 5 things daily can really change the night to day :) ( I should probabaly start doing it if I'm mentioning it here)!!
Another note, the members here are extremely friendly! We literally have a dinner almost every single night... Talk about gratitude! These are great hospitable people, in which we need to continually make sure we thank and appreciate. There's  that danger as a missionary to just, expect meals, or to expect members to do something... there's a lot of sacrifice behind the scenes that's getting done for us out here, and we definitely need to keep that in mind!
Well,  that's all for today! I love y'all so much, and want you to know that I have a testimony of my Savior  Jesus Christ! I know that he is the Son of God, and can bring us through any trial if we rely upon his mercies through the Atonement! Don't lose faith y'all :)
 I Love you soo much!
Elder Langford

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