Monday, August 26, 2013

Mini-miracles & Serving Others!!

Blog time!!  Don't have too much time today.  
So we played disk golf on Monday and that was pretty fun!  I'm not the best but hey, I'm  not the worst!
We've been working/talking to a less active (LA), lately, he has been doing pretty ok!  He's working hard to overcome what he's fighting and we've got high hopes that he'll be able to make those necessary steps back slowly and surely!
We had a little miracle this week. We were heading home, and an investigator we were wanting to contact was right outside of her apartment!  We had plans to go see her, and there she was!  It couldn't have worked out any better!
Also, good experience.  One of our investigator's moms, the first time we went there, started off a little standoffish, saying, "meh I'll just be a by stander today... "  Then afterwards, she started to get more into the lesson and then she was almost in tears... The spirit she was striving to have was definitely there. It was good to see her put forth that effort to listen to our words and to make that change. Haven't been able to see her since but we're hopeful. 
Also, we have an amazing investigator from Africa who we met with this week in a member's home!  it was so great!  We talked about the plan of salvation, and she and her two daughters, said that they wanted to be baptized!  She said that she was so grateful to find God in her life, and to see the blessings that were coming into her life. The day we met her, she was just walking down the street.  She said that she usually goes the other way when she walks, and she never talks to people when walking home, but for some reason she went a different way, and felt impressed to listen to a portion of our message we were sharing that day. Now her two daughters are coming to church as well, and they're preparing themselves to be baptized! and we're giving them to the new sisters....  
YES SISTERS are coming into our area this week! it's crazy to think about! We've got them all settled in though so that's good!  All should go well and I'll have to tell you how it goes with them being here!
One more thing, I want to leave you all with my testimony of the importance of people.  Everything you do, please, remember, that it is all about other people, it is all about them and it is not about ourselves. As we look outward, losing ourselves to the Lord's  service, we truly change and become what we need to become and what he wants us to become. It's a long process, but PLEASE never forget that it all comes back to serving others. Elder Hales tells us that  we are to become spiritually independent and temporally independent to more fully bless the lives of others. If other people are truly the goal, then the way we do things will change, and we'll feel God's love. As we express love and tender care in the smallest and biggest ways on a daily basis, that can change us and help us accept the love of Christ that he wants to give to us, and everyone around us!  I love you all!  Please  accept his love by loving others. Please accept his sacrifice by sacrificing for others. Be selfless to find more of yourself!  I love you!!! 
Love, Elder Langford

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