Monday, August 5, 2013

Preaching to the Mailman!

Hey everyone!  
I Forgot my list of things to talk about this week but here goes!  
We went out with the new missionary back to the land of Fayetteville! We were blessed to see some great things going on! We were driving home one day from a lesson, and had the feeling to stop by a less active member. Turns out that her nephew had just died, and she was going through a tough time. It was a great opportunity to give her some comfort right there, and to help her see the beauty of the plan of salvation.  We also had a great new investigator named Jackie Allan!  She had called us a couple weeks back about not having a Book of Mormon, and wanting to hear more.  We lost contact with her, and finally just stopped by her house. She had a lot of off beat questions, but we directed her back to the source, of reading and praying about the book of Mormon.  She's doing a great thing now reading and praying about it, and we can’t wait to see her back next week!  She’s got a great personality!

The mission rule for backpacks has also been changed, and now we actually have to wear side bags instead… quite an interesting thing to say the least… so now I’ve got a hefty man purse, but hey it looks great, and will eventually get with the bike.

Um, oh we also met this great man named James!  He was the mailman in Dunn, and the Dunn sisters referred him to us. We had a lesson with him talking about how the Book of Mormon can bless his life. He’s reading it tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes! We’re hoping for the best with him.  Ah well, I’m out of time just like that… dunno where it all goes… Hope y’all have a great week! 
Love y’all!
Elder Langford

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