Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A New Calling and the Power of Love (Not the Huey Lewis kind)!!

Hey everyone,
Well, time=0, so I’ll give some good highlights!

So this past Sunday, I prayed for Humility… Haha always a great idea when you ask the person that knows it best, the problem is that he gives you exactly what  you ask for…
Yesterday morning, I had the prompting to study responsibility… I broke it down a bit and saw that it truly is "to be ready to respond, or to always have the ability to respond to whatever happens around you."  Sounds to me like faith to always do, to always respond! So during our companionship study, we got a call from President, and He asked to talked to me Privately. So I snuck outside for a second and I’m pretty sure, still debating if this was a dream or not, BUT HE CALLED ME TO BE A ZONE LEADER……. Haha! I almost asked him if he was serious… but at the same time,it’s been incredible to see how in just these last couple weeks, I’ve been striving to be more receptive to the Lord’s will, trying to do more of what he wanted and less of what I wanted… 
 I have such a firm belief in the Reality of our Savior, and his enabling power that he gives every single one of us. As we come to Him, the ultimate source of true power (love), we find the way that we are truly able to do all things. That’s going to be the path I’m going to depend on more than ever as I try to influence the lives of so many missionaries. I remember when I was becoming a district leader, that my previous trainer mentioned to me that these callings of leadership have an effect far greater than simply guiding… They are for their eternal welfare and I’ve been able to see missionaries change the course of their lives through the Great power of love. Not the Huey Lewis kind but the Christ like love that changes hearts. Ahhh time’s going to run out.  I love you all and I’m so grateful for all your prayers, letters etc.!! Thank you so much!  I’ll need them all :D
Love, Elder Langford

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