Monday, November 18, 2013

"Extreme Lyrics, Possible Upcoming Transfer, Showing Zone Leader Love, & Road Kill!"

Hey there everybody!
So I'm still in shell shock mode from being called to be a zone leader! It's been a fantastic week though that's brought about a lot of good change:) 

Also, we're being treated today to a good squirrel and deer meat feast tonight on the way out, so can't argue with that!
One of the sweetest things one of the people we met with today said, that repentance, as she learned throughout the years, can be put simply as, "most than words". I couldn't help but look back to that song by extreme, and coordinate those words with our relationship to the Savior. "More than words, is all you have to do to make it real, then you won't have to say, that you love me, cause I already know."
Our President just sent us a little document that talks about how a writer from BYU said that faith is the ultimate principle, and that repentance is the ultimate doctrine... It's so true! If we continue to live and to try and change for the better on a day to day basis, we'll grow farther than we knew we ever could!
Transfers are in the next week.  It's a crazy thing to think about seeing this as possibly the last week here in Mebane. 
Pretty sweet dinner appointment.  We got to eat dinner with Elder Vanpelt from the best two years.  Sounds like there's a chance of a sequel coming out! What's that going to be called, "The Best Four Mission Presidents?"  Who knows, but he's got a great family, and I've got to say, he reminds me of Uncle Michael! Great family.
Nothing has been as surprising this week, as has been the fact of how I've been able to see the Lord preparing me to be a zone Leader... He's cracked the whip, and is putting me into shape! I know that as long as we can help every single missionary feel the Love that we have for them and for the Savior, that everything will fit into place, and all will be well. Love changes hearts faster than anything else I've seen in the mission. I can honestly say that anything successful that I've done on my mission or in my life, can be traced back to simply, how can this help someone else? There's love in everything that we do, deep down even sometimes! If we can just get all the Missionaries to focus on that purpose of love, and why they're doing what they're doing, then all will be well! Easier said than done, but I've got a probably good 18 weeks to get that ball a rollin!
I love y'all so much! I'm headin out now to go get some fresh road kill food!
Elder Langford

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