Monday, November 4, 2013

Sweet Old Ladies & Helping People Change!!

Hello everyone!
 I have to start out with one of the small and simple miracles that made my entire week. (Ok actually 2 things!)
1.    We were biking home after a great contact with this man, and as we
were it was raining a bit, and I was just pondering how we can really sky rocket the progression of this area  so I offered a little silent prayer on the bike. Our complex is right next to an elderly home, and as we were passing by it, I saw this old lady, in the rain,
with a walker, holding a huge black trash bag… I thought psshh… are you kidding me? So we biked up and politely confiscated her garbage from her and took it back in. I know without a doubt that it was an answer to that prayer. The feelings of gratitude and peace were overwhelming, and it was a great feeling almost like a pat on the back saying, “This
is why you’re here”.  It’s so easy for some to get caught up in the ‘thick of thin things’ as President Monson tells us, and it’s incredible how quickly our imperfect logic on how to be successful and how to do this work just melts into your heart when you put that full
effort into love for the people. I know that when Christ is the foundation for our work and all we do, that we are given just that much bigger of a perspective that he has, that everything happens for a reason, and that all of our afflictions are for our good. Someone
who truly loves us, (can’t help but think of my mom), doesn’t change the situations we go through, but shows us how we can be the change of our situations. Every single person out there has that power to change, and it’s our duty to be an example of what our change of heart has made of us. Sweet old ladies do things to you… ;)

2. My companion, who is a bit on the more of the “ I’m terrified to bear my testimony” side, was in a round about way, set up by me to promise to go up there if this little kid did (who always does). As we sat in sacrament meeting, sure enough, the little kid ran up, bore a great testimony, and sat down. I looked at Elder Campbell and he kind of chuckled saying “Ah I can’t do it, you don’t understand…” I felt a prompting to whisper back to him, “Say a prayer, he does!”  He did, went up, and bore a powerfully simple testimony. I’m so grateful for the courage that my companion has, and I couldn’t  help but notice, as we went to a family's home for dinner, his increased giddiness to share the message, to talk to the kids, and to interact more. I’ve been so blessed on my mission to not only see those whom we work with change, but many of the missionaries that I’ve worked with change. It
makes it all worth it. Every bike ride, every rainstorm, every door slammed in your face, is nothing compared to the Love that Jesus Christ places in your heart. You never know who you’re serving your mission for… you never know what effect your actions have, but One
thing I can always promise you is, that God is love, and every extra effort, benefit of the doubt, or just care and devotion that we lend to others, will change them. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but down the road when they turn to their Savior, they will remember all of those that have reached out in service to him, and be forever grateful for that love, an example you’ve shown, from the change he’s given you. I wish I had more time, and I wish I could just let you all know how much I love and appreciate every one of you. I’m nothing without my Savior, and without the love and support I’ve received from so many in the past years of my life. I hope that my dedication and sacrifice can be enough for the master’s grace.
Ahhh, gotta go! Love you all soo much :D :D
Elder Langford
PS:  Bolut? So good!!

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