Monday, December 16, 2013

"Insane or in vane??, Get the roots, not just the leaves, Questions Answered, and BOGOTUS????"


Haha, Ohhh worst case scenario of procrastinating the time I have of writing this blog again! We have so many great stories to tell, so here goes!

Funny story, The Bishop's son said that he learned in church, to never take the Lord's name insane... Hahaha true doctrine. We need to take the Lord seriously! He's not crazy!

Also funny.  You've gotta love the south. When someone has approximately five seconds at a door when you're contacting them before they shut it, they choose to take that time to lift their shirt, rub their belly, and then say no thanks. Gotta love it.

We also had a great conference call this week with all of the district leaders! We've got four districts, and about 34 missionaries we serve, so we had a great talk on how it's best to serve them individually and helping them now with the problems they might struggle with forever. As missionary leaders, we have a really special calling to minister, and the Lord has given us a chance to not simply pluck the leaves off of the weeds of these missionary's problems and struggles in life, but has given us the power, to pull them up from the roots!
We talked a lot about how we can choose to help people for a day, or for a lifetime, and how it's interesting that the smallest acts of kindness, and a loving heart to simply ask, 'What can I do for you? (as Ammon of the Book of Mormon did),  the smallest things, take away the biggest problems!  The concept of faith in Christ is so simple and is sometimes hard to understand but makes so much sense!!  It's all about just doing it, and serving to take out the roots, not simply to chop the insignificant imperfections we all have down for them to grow back in a couple days!  Anyway, get to the core! It's not as hard as you think to change someone's life, all you have to do is want it, and God does the rest!!  So go for the roots ;)

We've also been meeting with the most humble man we've met named Mr. B.  He's so prepared! This man is 50-60, has no job, (searching hard!), and simply asked us one night, if he could have some candles to light his home.  He also called us saying that he might not be able to come to church if it rains because he wouldn't have sufficient means to walk and stay dry, (of course we got a ride for him!) He says that lately he's been having a problem with losing his memory, but it's been miraculous how the simple things that he's learned, have truly been by the spirit and no other way. The concepts he is grasping are so essential to his conversion... It's almost like his memory's so bad right now, that he's having to pull back to some pre-mortal info to catch up. He's doing great, and will be baptized in less than a month!

We also had a lesson in the Stake President's home with their neighbors, who are doing absolutely great! We had a church tour with them.  We invited them before they began, to ask any question they wanted, to write them down, and gave them the promise that their questions would be answered. As we ended, one of them prayed, thanking the Lord for the questions that were answered, and the spirit that was felt... 

Ahh time's up, but really quick, we ran into this man, who was a Baptist... Haha!  He came up with a new word, and kept screaming it at us BOGOTUS!!! He asked my companion what bogus means? He told him and then he screamed back in his face, "BOGOTUS!!  MEANS IT NEVER EXISTED!"  We followed this delightfully lost soul for a couple blocks and he asked us to get in his car.  We prayed, the Spirit said NO, and we gave him a Book of Mormon.   He smiled, walked away, stopped, and said, thanks...... for NOTHING!!  Haha, I love people!   Maybe one day he'll read a page or two, he'll change his perspective, and we'll be there to teach him when he's ready!

Well, I love you! all!!! Really a lot!! Keep on giving like the little stream!
Love, Elder Langford

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