Monday, December 2, 2013

"Polite Rolls on Thanksgiving, I'm melting, I'm melting.... & A changed Heart."

Haha, well, I'm terrible... I didn't save too much time for this, but I'll hurry and get as much as I can out! 
Had a great week and a great Thanksgiving! We ate at the Walker's home, and had a wonderful meal!  I ate, (Politely) about 8 roles, and even had some pie.... Oh how the mission changes us... Then we planned for the zone, and basically did that... That was about all of our Thanksgiving Day. Wouldn't have it any other way!!
We had a fantastic week! I'll tell you about some of the miracles/stories.  

GREAT STORY: We contacted a man who came out in a towel, had a decent conversation. We handed him a card, and he said, "Ha,oh no thanks, I'm a witch..." Hahaha oh man... Probably shouldn't shower, he may melt... Funny part was my companion and I, were both not surprised, because it was the second witch we'd both seen. Praise the south.

GREATER STORY: , I had the great opportunity to bear my testimony on Sunday.  Someone from Mebane came all the way down to say goodbye... He was an investigator, and he said, that the influence that I specifically had on him, has changed his life, and has led him to seriously consider being a member of this church. He drove 3-4 hours, just to see me... I felt so honored...  A man later in priesthood informed me that he had worked with this man for many years on a shuttle.  He said that he was a hard man to crack.... I know that it was all the spirit. It was nothing I've done! I know that the Lord puts us in places with specific people, because he loves all his children. Only a loving Father in Heaven knows how to use all of the tools perfectly; to uplift, strengthen, and bless all of his children at the same time.   Like a successful parent once said, "Killing one bird with two stones." ;) (Personal family joke)! 
Sorry time is short. This was a great week.  We've given many a blessing, and we are seeing miracles!!!
I love all y'all!! 
Love, Elder Langford  :) 

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