Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Great Baptism, Favorite Hymn, Biking to get in shape and Find Those Searching for the Gospel."

Whoaaaaaa what a crazy week!! I feel like I'm saying that every week, but it is accurate every single time without fail!! soooo I'll talk about some of the good times.
So first off, we had a wonderful baptism of a Young Woman this week! About 70 people showed up for it, and we got to both speak in the chapel about baptism and the Holy Ghost. She's been coming to church and seminary for a long time now, and is truly prepared to make this covenant!  I promised her I wouldn't cry and I TOTALLY didn't! (in front of her so it was all good). Because I'm an elder, and everyone knows that elders don't cry. Sometimes.

So she was confirmed on Sunday.  Just to give a little back knowledge to the situation, Two of the speakers called in sick really late, and so we as a ward council decided to have some of us go up, explain one of our favorite hymns, and then to have the whole congregation sing it. I volunteered right off the bat, and of course chose #221 "DEAR TO THE HEART OF THE SHEPPARD!"  So that was a great preface to walking into sacrament meeting.
It was a great spirit as she confirmed, and as I sat down, I felt prompted to write her a little note, asking her to write down all the things that she remembered about her confirmation. I handed it to her as I came up and gave a little talk about why #221 has been one of my favorite hymns, and how we're all so blessed to be able to have the Holy Ghost with us all the time, in these 'green inviting pastures'. It was one of the neatest things hearing the whole congregation sing that song.
 After the meeting, she gave me back the note, with a little note to me on the back. She said she'd go home and write it down, but wanted me to have that copy of the note. I think that note, will be one of the most treasured things I take home with me after my mission. One of my favorite points on there was as she mentioned that "after I got up, I finally felt that light and peace that I wanted the whole time". Awe man my heart has melted so much this week... call me what you want!

ALSO.... a little bit more of a manly side of Elder Langford here, we went on a blitz (meaning both of us went to another area to help out with the work and what they're trying to work on in their area). It was the first time in like 12-14 weeks that I've biked!  When I got on, I told him "alright thunder thighs, show me what you got!" He did.
I almost barfed... Haha the first 10 minutes of biking, I was gear 7 and 3, pedaling as hard as I could, but he just kept going faster... After we shared the gospel and found 7 new investigators that day, I finally was able to bike along side him comfortably.  I just needed to warm up really quickly. It was pretty crazy. This Elder and his companion had been fasting to find 5 new investigators that week, because in the last couple weeks they'd never found more than 2 in a week.  So we were able to bike hard, work hard, and we found SEVEN... Miracles happen when you exercise pro-active faith in the Lord! People were all over the place and prepared to hear the pleasing word of God!
We also went to the beach, (just to look), which was also great!! :D What a good week! I'd like to see a couple more of these!!! I'm glad that I'm a young missionary with a lot of time left, because going home seems far far away... I love you all sooooo much!
Love, Elder Langford

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