I have little time here, but this has been a great week! I forgot my planner today so I'll go a little bit off of improv here...
So we've been more with the YSA, (Young Single Adults), lately, and things have been going really good! It's so weird being a missionary and working with people your own age... I look up to them a lot though! I can imagine it'd be hard for them to be as active as they are... I look back and think man... I can't imagine doing all that they do such as visiting teaching, home teaching, and the callings they have and the lessons they prepare. Let's be honest pre-mission I wasn't 100% on home teaching every month, but things have definitely changed! I think If I come home and don't do 100% home teaching, then I missed a couple points of why I came out here in the first place... But yeah they're so good, and they know so much! It's great to just learn from them all the time, and to be around their great spirits! Last night we had a scripture study, and had some great thoughts born of the spirit. Someone talked about how they didn't understand the Atonement, and the importance of repentance in doing so. She felt that (kind of playing the devil's advocate,) that there was no point of repentance... so we talked about how the atonement is just like Christ playing the price for piano lessons through his sacrifice.  Repentance is when we make the choice to actually listen, learn the notes, and understand how to play these great songs. Life is so similar! We can choose to make the same mistakes over and over again, or we can choose to repent, (it's a happy word), and see how the change makes us a better person! Use his sacrifice! Repent and be healed.
Gotta go! sorry.  I should save more time... When you're an old missionary, there's a "couple" people you email left and right and you can easily run out of time.
Love y'all!!     Elder Langford