Monday, February 24, 2014

Fun Birthday Yesterday, & Loving the YSA Ward."

Sorry everyone!!  I have no time to blog! It was my birthday yesterday, :D :D  so I've been emailing a lot of different people today and what not...
Birthday summed up:
I confirmed our investigator in ward conference!
We had a linger longer after church, so I ate a lot of food, and the bishop announced everyone to sing to me, so I got a whole gym of members calling for my birthday... Haha so it was good! It was a very simple missionary birthday but I  mean hey, when you're living the law of consecration, the whole 'look at me it's my birthday' factor's pretty low, which is totally understandable ;) We've been workikng with the YSA alot, and my capacity to discern other people's needs through the spirit has grown immensely in this last week....
My gratitude for the Savior continually grows! Faith, hope, and charity have changed so much in these last months.... they definitely bring you to the truth, exactly when you need it!
(Ether 12:28).
Sorry this is so short but I love you all so much and thanks for all the birthday wishes :D :D I'll get those thank you cards out like nobody's business!! :D :D 
Love, Elder Langford

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