Monday, November 19, 2012

Elder Langford Update:
November 19, 2012
Hello everyone,
Whew! As always, a little rushed today on the time circuit, but yeah this week’s been a little dull in comparison! Haha we’ve had some great active member lessons, but a lot of appointments have just fallen through this week for countless reasons! So we’ve really tried to find what’s going on, and have set goals and made plans to correct the effectiveness to get the work down here back to where it used to be!
We had a couple bible bashers this week as well. They’re so funny… one seemed really interested in what we  believe, but we quickly came to realize that he was trying to disprove us… haha he said “oh if only my mom was here, she’s been doing a study on Mormonism and could tell you how it all really happened”.  Good thing we actually know what we’re talking about :D God loves him too! Hopefully the static between the two of them thins over the years!
Just a side note, our district leader was transferred, and now the assistant has been moved as our new district leader! Crazy!! We’re going to learn a lot very quickly and we’re pretty excited!!
I have gotten into a siracha bowl madness! I’ve invented this awesome dish, and I actually made it for some members for a dinner! They said I should send it to ‘betty crocker’! I guess there’s hope in my culinary career ;)
 Ahhh we have to go, we’re getting moved out of the computer room here for a class. But really quick, we had awesome service project cleaning out the cages of raptors! I totally almost got my head taken off by a hawk! I’ll send pictures.  It was pretty crazy! Anyway, I love you all.  Have to go now looooveee you!!!!! Bye! You’re beautiful everyone of you!!! K Bye! Love, Elder Langford

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