Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mountains & Valleys
Elder Langford's Update: November 12, 2012
Hello everyone!
Whew ok I have almost zero time, all the time! So it’s time to write fast!

 So first off, we have this great young marine, who is just progressing like a jet, and is soaking everything in so well, just a solid investigator to the gospel! Hahaha and we were having a lesson with him, in a family in the ward’s house with their kids, and we pull out a scripture near the beginning where Nephi’s talking about faith to his brothers, and I ask him, “I’m sure you’ve read quite a bit about Laman and Lemuel so far?” and he said, “ oh yeah, Laman and Lemuel are *** holes” :) hahahahahahahaha! Oh man it shouldn’t be funny, but it really was! In front of the whole family! We were trying so hard not to laugh! He’s a great guy, and he’s going to be baptized on the 28th, but, haha he’s got a marine’s mouth here and there… soooo funny.

We had a great miracle one day! We had this appointment scheduled for later in the day with a less active women who hadn’t been to church in over 20 years. She said that she felt she needed help, and that Satan was getting into her life. Elder Clegg and I really wanted to prepare for this lesson, so we did a little fast, and we really tried to stay focused and full of the spirit that day. When we got there, we had a perfect lesson with her. She spilled out a life story of all sorts of trials and tribulations that were tremendous and wide spread… we gave her some scriptures at the end, blessed her home, and gave her a blessing. It was such a powerful blessing given by the spirit… it was incredible how the connection was made between what she needed to hear, and how God wanted to tell her it. If we hadn’t  fasted, we wouldn’t have been able to have such a guided lesson for her. We sang her a hymn as well as we left, (me singing… and she still wants us to come back). She bonded with the members we took with us extremely well, and is getting great fellowship.... always a great reminder to see how much God loves all his children, and is always waiting for them to come back unto him, so that he can reward them with all the blessings he has waiting in store.
Ah don’t have too much time, but this week  has been a week of many mountains and valleys… we’ve had some high points, and some low points. I’m convinced that the mission field is probably best described, as a big, tall, mountain range… It takes so much work sometimes to get to the top of a peak, but when you’re at the top, it’s all worth it everytime. When you receive for even just a moment the perspective God has for the area and the people in it, and the role that you play in that process, every single hard day or moment seems to disappear, and only add to the joy of the feeling. But, it’s not just one mountain climbed and done, it’s a mountain range, meaning that you don’t always get to that point and stay, you have to climb up and down every second of every day. It’s a non-stop thing! It’s so key in those moments to remember what’s at the top, and that, there is a top of the mountain! There’s always hope, and a purpose to every steep area, and strenuous path we take as we climb! God knows what’s at the top, and he knows that there’s no point of getting to the top, unless we have the experience of scaling the slope, and working towards it. We’ve been on the peaks and the valleys of the mountains this week, and are staying positive and upbeat about everything! Wish I had more time, but Just a quick bare of the testimony that the whole range analogy applies to each one of us in every day lives! If you feel like the climb’s just ridiculous and pointless, give a call to the man at the top (God), and ask him for directions, and I know when you do, he’ll also remind you how great it is once you get to the top of your next mountain, so hang in there! I love you all sooo much! I’m eating my veggies and staying healthy! I pulled my arm out, but it’s feeling better! Hope no one’s seriously injured! ( if so let me know :) ) LOVE YOU!!!!  
Elder Langford

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