Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 26, 2012
Ah, Okay,  I have no time at all, because I wrote Kaitlyn about her crazy news!!! That’s sooo great that she’s going (on a mission), and I’m hoping the best for her!!!! Haha funny story real quick… the sister missionaries called, and asked to borrow some mayonnaise, but she said it with a weird accent, so it sounded like babies… so I asked, without even thinking about it, “how many babies do you want?” oh gosh… that was pretty awkward… not exactly the question to ask a sister missionary… so that was pretty funny!   XD she’s like almost old enough to be..... way older than me! So that was weird. Ha anyway…
Thanksgiving was fantastic! We definitely got fed beyond fed! Two dinners on the day, and one dinner the next day! Great, great members and investigators!
Ah wish I had more time, but remind me next week (mom) to write about Bro. Proulx! Great investigator!
PS:  Exciting News!! There’s a baptism on Wednesday for two of the Rivera children on Wednesday, and they’ve asked me to baptize them! That’s pretty supppppper exciting  :D :D :D :D  Hopefully I’ll send some good reports about that next week as well! Love you all! Sorry it’s short.   Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and is thankful for the countless blessing we have every single day! Be it the air you breathe, or the house over your head, the family tree, or the nice warm bed. Remember that it’s all a gift, from the almighty Savior, whose love is…. Swift. :D made that up on the spot. Revelation right there. Love you all!!!! Bye till next week!!!  Love, Elder Langford

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