Monday, November 5, 2012

"Little Drummer Elder"
November 5, 2012 
Hey everyone!  Crazy week! Some of this just got erased so I've got to be super quick! So we had a 'blitz' on Tuesday, which means the zone leaders come, and Elder Clegg and I switch up, and have to both make our separate plans, and back up plans! It was crazy! But it actually went really, really well! Tell you what though, they gave us quite the chastisement! Haha! They said we're doing great, but there's this and this and this... so we've been working on fixing around the edges! It's all about being confidently humble, and being willing to take criticism when it's offered so freely!

Then for Halloween, we went to a four hour meeting, with a two hour commute. Whoot! Whoot! After we got home though, we went to an investigator's house, and found out that he had literally nothing... he had nothing to feed both him and his mom... So right as we walked out, Elder Clegg and I had the same idea instantly. We have such a packed freezer with things we'll never really get to! So we bagged it, put it on his porch, and doorbell ditched him!! We came back the next day, and he said he had a miracle from God, and it had come at a perfect time! So awesome! We were both so glad, and so humbled to be able to be a tool in his hands like that!

We also had a really good lesson on the Plan of Salvation with the Rivera family. We've really gotten close to this family, and look forward to their baptism on the 17th :D It's such a blessing to see people change, and watching them really repent, and strive to live more as Christ. That's why I'm here!  Moments and lessons like that, make every single hard moment fade in the distance!!

Ohhhhhh baby!!! Dream came true this week! We taught a less active family and LOW AND BEHOLD there was a drum set in the main room!!!! After the lesson they wanted to hear if I could play, so I got to play for like a solid ten minutes! Man that was freaking awesome! That's my guilty pleasure of the week!! We're going back for dinner sometime, so perhaps we'll have to play a little bit more. Can't argue with that! HaHa tender mercy of the Lord!

One thing that has been awesome, is the relationship we have with the ward. When I first got to the area, the people were a little bit distant with the missionaries and didn't really know us too well. Now I can easily say that we're a big part of the ward, and work extremely close with them! We have a dinner basically every day this month at a member's house (here comes the weight), and sadly, now that I only have six weeks left here (I assume),  I'm starting to miss people! You really understand what it means to love the people on your mission when you experience it, and I can really see why people would come back to their mission areas... it's all about the people you're with, never the area!
Ahhhh man. It's just been a really great week overall. Miracles are happening left and right, and we're teaching more than we ever have! I can't wait to see what happens next, and I can't wait for the Rivera's baptism!
Oh another thing I forgot to mention, a less active we've been working with has had a MIGHTY change of heart! He's one of the most active people I know, and bore such a powerful testimony yesterday! Sooooo good :) I love so much to see people changing their lives and coming to Christ! People really can change! Never give up!
PS: The primary program's next week, and I couldn't be more excited! I love you allllllll so much!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate and try my best to put all your prayers to use!!!!! God bless you!  Love, Elder Langford

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